Graham Turns ONE!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

On Saturday, April 1st, our Graham baby turned ONE! If you follow me on instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) you know that Chris and I jetted off to Toronto to celebrate one year of parenthood. Call me crazy, but we all know 1st birthday parties are for the parents and I want no part of that :) So that I didn't feel like a total slacker parent, I baked G a box cake, slapped some icing on it, and forced him to take some pictures all while the poor little guy had a fever. He was a trooper and I will forever cherish these pictures.

Also, can we note how I have a strawberry blonde child? I would have never imagined our kid would look like him, but we are SMITTEN. 

Happy birthday, G! Words can't describe how happy you make us!!


  1. Happy birthday buddy! And good for you guys, I love this trip idea!

  2. I love this!! Seriously sounds so perfect for a 1 year celebration - my husband and I dread the 1st birthday party and also hope not to do one, and celebrate in our own little way (our son just turned 6 months). Happy birthday to your little guy!