Friday Confessions + Shopbop Sales Faves!

Friday, April 14, 2017

We've got a four day weekend and I wish you could see me jumping for joy! This time of year is so stressful for teachers. State testing, end of the year obligations, hormonal 5th graders, etc. This break is welcomed with open arms!

What I'm buying: I always love, love, love the Shopbop sale! I'm getting better at buying gifts year-around, so I do a lot of my Christmas shopping now. I also buy a few things for myself, but I try to stick to buying for others!

What I'm obsessing over: Has anyone ever seen Amazon's interesting finds page? I AM OBSESSED!

What I'm wearing: My favorite peplum tops are on sale for $9!! I have five of them and they are on repeat. They come in a long sleeve and tank version.

What I'm planning: My brother and his wife are moving in with us over the summer (temporarily), so I'm itching to get our guest room decorated! It has been the most neglected room in our house and it is about time it gets completed. I'm dying to paint a room navy, but also want more shiplap! Decisions, decisions!

What we are watching: Over the last few weeks of me working on my signs, Chris has had Designated Survivor on in the background. I dismissed it at first, but now I am HOOKED. It is so good and totally out of my normal reality-tv comfort zone.

What we are looking forward to: Summer! We are in the midst of planning some summer vacations and I am so excited! Summer will be so different this year because, hello, G will be keeping me on my toes! I see the pool and lots of splash pads in our future!

What we are doing this weekend: Celebrating Easter and Jesus!

Happy weekend!


  1. I've enjoyed my 3 days off for easter, we get tomorrow off too - the kiddos have checked out a long long LONG time ago!

    Where are you headed for vacations this year?

  2. I'm seriously wanting to paint my teens room navy and do a wood plank wall.....looking at SW naval right now.