Hair Problems, Solved

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I spy a Wrigley booty...
I am having major hair problems. The length is in that super awkward stage where you can't do anything to it without it flipping out. Couple that with hair that is as thick as a horse's mane and it ends up in a pony tail all the time.

Last week I curled my hair one day and I literally got over 30 comments on how good it looked. To be honest, I only curled the top layer because I had slept with it wet and the bottom layer was still curly. One of my kids said they had never seen me without a pony tail and another student thought I was a substitute. Winning, I tell ya, winning.

I have learned that even if I wanted to, I am not going to fix my hair for my job, so I need some way for it to look not so much like I just rolled out of bed.

Thanks to the sweet Tessa at Sweet T Shoppe, I can now throw on this cute head wrap and head out the door looking put together. No one has to know that it took me .74 seconds to do my hair, and I may have not washed it after the gym. (Guilty)

How do you deal with mid-length hair? I am growing it out, so I have a many more months of the middle stage!


  1. Love your hair band! So so cute! And love the cobalt blue! You look gorgeous!

  2. I need that headband!!! Totally cute!

  3. ugh, I totally hate that middle stage, it always feels like it takes forever to grow out! I unfortunately do what you do, ponytail is my best friend.

  4. I hate that awkward hair stage. I chopped my hair off a few weeks ago because I was tired of how my hair just wouldn't style right. I'd seriously spend 30 minutes trying to style it then end up getting frustrated and just throwing it up in a pony tail anyways. But I do love your look! (: