Weekend Getaway

Monday, October 27, 2014

Another wonderful weekend in the books. I love having summers off, but something is so sweet about a fall weekend out of town with your husband. 

Friday after work we raced home and loaded up for a trip down to The Woodlands. Our friend, Chris's old roommate, lives down there and he offered up a place for us to stay for a night before we headed to a wedding Saturday.

Something about being around old friends makes you miss college really bad. My last year in Tyler was spent with these two guys and being together again made us miss those college years!

When we arrived, Grant and Chris did started in with guy stuff while I just laid around and eventually fell asleep, letting them carry on way later than I wanted to be awake.

Grant lives right by all the happening stuff in The Woodlands, so while the guys went to golf on Saturday morning, I decided explored a little and then got breakfast to go and headed back to Grant's apartment. I ate and then took a long nap. It was glorious.

Speaking of eating. After many recommendations, I decided to start weaning off of my Whole 30 diet due to not wanting to be sick and miserable while in New York next week. I had beans Friday night in some chili I ate. They did nothing to me, so I decided to move on to the dairy portion of the weaning process. See photo above.

There will be more on that tomorrow, but I will let you know I haven't felt this full in three weeks! I am one stuffed, happy girl!!

Saturday night we left Grant's and headed just about 15 minutes away to check into our hotel then head to the wedding. The wedding was so gorgeous. It was outside at the groom's parents house and they had the prettiest twinkle lights wrapped around all the trees and a huge white tent set up. It was decorated Pinterest worthy and the couple was just as happy as could be!

Sunday we met back up with Grant and had breakfast before heading back to Dallas. It was so good to get away from the house for a couple days. It is hard to relax at home because I feel like I always need to be doing something.

This week is going to be crazy as we will be preparing for our big trip!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I can't wait to hear more about the Whole 30 and getting off of it!


  2. Omgsh sounds like a fabulous weekend! Weekends away are great for relaxing and not having to worry about laundry and grocery shopping and all the weekend chores that normally need done :)


  3. It sounds like y'all had a great weekend! That froyo is making me hungry!

  4. How sweet is that altar set up?? And good..follow the rules and have your ice cream! ;) Wish I could be going to NYC too so we can big apple it up togetha...exciting!

  5. have you blogged about this whole30 thing and i missed it?? if not, do you plan on it? would love to read more.

  6. I am so glad y'all had a great weekend friend. I am with you on the weekend thing. Especially fall weekend. haha Hope your week got off to a great start.

  7. "Pinterest worthy" hehe aw sounds like a lovely weekend :)

    Thanks for linking up!