Whole 30: The Weaning Process

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I successfully completed three weeks of the dreaded rabbit diet, also known as Whole 30. I am happy to report I started the reintroduction phase where I am bringing back old foods in order to try and pinpoint what makes my stomach upset.

Since we are going to New York later this week, I really didn't want to be restricted with what I could eat while I was there. After many of you suggested me starting the reintroduction process a little early, I happily took your advice and am on my happy way to eating delicious food again.

Before I get into the foods I've introduced, let me confess what went on last week.

It was awful. I was hungry all the time. I ate protein, lots of it, but couldn't seem to stay full. I was grumppyyyyy and almost to the point of tears from being so hungry all the time. The food prep is ridiculous, and I don't even have kids. I can't imagine having to prep these dishes with kids needing your attention. Sometimes you just want to order a freaking pizza and call it a night. Not happening with Whole 30!

I was getting really fed up with chicken and Chipolte. Eggs for breakfast were starting to make me gag. And I just wanted some ice cream, dangit! Plus, having a husband and friends who 100% supported me, but ate whatever they wanted right in front of me made me want to cry. Chris was really the best about concealing whatever he was eating, but it didn't hide the fact that I knew his meal was better than mine!

I am in no way bashing this program, because it has proven to rid me of my acid reflux for the time being, but this is something that takes a lot of willpower and time...geez the time to grocery shop and food prep, whew! I don't have that kind of time! Nor, do I want to make time for it. I was cooking all day during the weekends and that was no fun. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking, but when it isn't even something that tasty, it started to get annoying.

Friday night I forcefully decided to start reintroducing legumes into my diet due to having to eat fast food while driving down to Houston. We went to Wendy's and I had their chili and a baked potato. The chili had beans in it and I felt nothing. No upset stomach, no bloating, nothing. Check!

Since I am a skilled dietitian (sarcasm), I decided that by Saturday morning it was time to reintroduce dairy. Bring on the cheese! I went to The Egg and I and got a Mexican omelet that had cheese all over the top of it. It was the best, BEST thing I've had in three weeks! I was instantly in a better mood than I had been in almost a month! With the smile on my face you would've thought I won the lotto. Nope, just finally had some freaking delicious food!

After pigging out on the omelet and potatoes I waited to see if anything would happen with my stomach and...nothing. Yipee!! My biggest fear was being intolerant of dairy due to my obsession with ice cream, so this was a relief. Naturally for lunch I had to test the waters again with ice cream and...nothing! Fist bump.

At the wedding Saturday night I resisted anything with gluten and dairy in it, just to make sure I was pinpointing the symptoms, if there were going to be any. We went to the hotel that night and throughout the night and into Sunday I felt better than I had in a long time! My malnourished body was finally feeling energized! Hallelujah!

Sunday I decided to stay off the gluten until dinner just to make sure I was able to pinpoint any problems that may arise. At breakfast I had a completely gluten-free, so by dinner I was feeling good and ready to tackle the gluten monster!

What better way to fill your body with gluten than to go to a pizza place, dun. Cane Rosso it was and I devoured an entire 14" Margarita pizza by myself. And then it hit...the stomach pain. Surprisingly, not bad, but this was the first time in three weeks I felt bloated and had some acid reflux. No bueno.

Now it is Tuesday and I haven't had gluten since Sunday night. I think I am going to ease back into it with gluten just because I am thinking that is what makes my acid reflux flare up. Am I going to give it up completely? No! Heck no! Is that a dumb idea? Maybe. But at this point in my life, I love food way too much, and I have learned from this experience to modify, modify, modify, so I am confident I will be able to turn things away that are not my favorite and be able to splurge here and there.

Thursday I hope to have some things I've learned from this experience for those of you interested in doing the challenge!


  1. Wow that sounds crazy hard! Eating better is great, denying yourself of favorite foods is awful, I've decided that I'm more likely to do less if whatever isn't great for me than cut it out altogether...like you, I love food!

  2. I still haven't made it to Cane Rosso but I've heard it's awesome!!! Sorry it made your stomach act up. :(

  3. Really interesting to hear all this! Good for you for completing it--I am "gluten sensitive" but I have the same outlook as you--and life is way to short to give it up completely ha and its wayyy hard! So I just try my best to eat it in moderation :)


  4. Yay for figuring out what is bothering you! Everything is best in moderation. Thank you for being so honest about the diet/way of life. I really dislike when people sing it's praises and never have anything bad to say, ya know? So thank you!

  5. yay gluten! or boo gluten. that is so awesome, truly. i was diagnosed several years ago and sometimes i have pizza. whatever. it's worth it, though sometimes my body disagrees. there are so many options, i rarely realise or think about eating gluten free anymore except when we are out or when everyone gets pizza or something. its worth it to have no pain!

  6. wow. i get acid reflux too - this interests me so much that that could change it!!