10 Takeaways from Whole 30

Thursday, October 30, 2014

1. I can do without corn and black beans. I never once missed either of them and I think from now on I may pass on both, if given the option.

2. People told me my taste buds would change and my beloved Blue Bell would be too sweet for me. Wrong. That stuff is like heaven in a 1/2 gallon carton. Pure bliss.

3. I get really grumpy when I haven't eaten anything good for weeks. Poor Chris, he was a trooper.

4. Homemade ketchup should not even be in the same category as real ketchup. They don't even compare. And don't even get me started on homemade mayo. Anyone who tells you that stuff is good is lying to your face.

5. I'm going to start buying organic, sugarless marinara sauce because it was actually really freaking good. Prego may have to take a backseat for now.

6. Almond butter with apples is like candy to me. I could eat those two things together for snack everyday.

7. I lost six pounds and probably a couple inches off my waist and that is motivation to keep up a version of this diet. I don't want to fall back into my old ways, so I am going to have to come up with a plan to keep incorporating in some version of these Whole 30 meals.

8. Lettuce wrapped burgers are actually pretty good. I don't even miss having a bun, but the fries, that's another story. I missed those little things so much!

9. I have had more energy and been able to workout all week, compared to on the diet when I only had the energy to workout four times. Working out for me is something I've been doing my whole life due to playing sports, so to not be able to was stressing me out. I don't work out to be a fitness model, but it truly does relieve my stress and I am happy to be back in the swing of things.

10. It is doable. This ice cream eatin', chip dippin', fried food Texan girl made it 22 days, so you can too! I know the program is 30 days, but I chose to do it in October because Lord knows I am not giving up my Thanksgiving meal for no rabbit food! Nor am I giving up my Christmas meal either! It just so happens that we are going on vacation, so I am not going to beat myself up for not making it the full 30 days. I know I could have had it not been for our vacation. You get into rabbit food mode and it just becomes a habit to eat healthy, so going another eight days would have been a breeze.

A few FAQs I've got:

Do you feel better?
Honestly, yes and no. I feel skinnier and less bloated, but I had no energy. I did sleep really well, better than I ever have, but I also felt exhausted all the time. I think there is a happy medium somewhere, I just have to find it.

Would you do it again?
Probably. I always love a good challenge, so I'm not going to say no, but I'm not planning my next Whole 30 by any means! I think if I can continue some of my new eating habits then I'll be less inclined to cut everything out cold turkey like I did this time.

What was your favorite recipe?
These sausage balls. So good! I will continue to make them because they are great for breakfast and as a snack.

What did you miss most about having such a restricted diet?
Food brings people together. Not sure about your family, but everything my family does is centered around food and when that is limited, it is just no fun. I missed the ease of being able to grab a snack or a sweet treat. I also missed eating with my husband because we would eat apart because he didn't want to tempt me with his meals! There were some meals he would eat that I cooked, but he isn't a fan of such healthy food.

You have the willpower of ____. How do you do it?
My parents always have pushed me to push myself. I have a sports mindset and there is very little I am not willing to do or try. I think that is how I approached this challenge. Was it something I wanted to do? Not really. But the fact that some people said I wouldn't be able to (cough cough, husband, brother, and dad) that gave me the motivation to suck it up and do it.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!


  1. Good for you for trying it out! I've always wanted to, but honestly I'm so worried about the no energy thing. I already have issues with energy due to a thyroid condition. Nice job on trying it out, though! And losing some weight is always fun. :)

  2. Great work, congrats! I've been looking for some healthy, non-carb breakfast foods so I will definitely be trying out these sausages. I get so crabby when I'm hungry too, it's terrible! Thanks for sharing this :)


  3. Love this, Sarah! I just finished today but will continue with the 10 day reintroduction to try to find what causes these silly headaches. I'm like you, there's something about sharing a sweet treat or a delicious meal with people that makes this really difficult. They said two weeks in and it would get easier. The last two weeks flew by for me! I agree with you on the sleep - slept better but was more tired overall. however, I didn't follow their portion suggestions and know I didn't eat enough veggies. Anyway, love your re-cap! Have a great vacation!

  4. Oh!!! I love homemade mayonnaise! I always have to add a bit more salt and I do add fresh garlic to mine. But I am not lying to anyone's face when I say that. Also, the ingredients list on regular mayo are far too scary. 😕 congratulations on finishing!!

  5. Great job girl! You should try almond butter with raisins... it's become my go-to snack! I have some apples - hadn't thought to try it with that!! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. I had to catch up on some blogs as I've been MIA. I've been contemplating doing the whole 30, but within the last few months, I've just been trying to make better choices. I can already see the difference in some areas. We shall see what happens in 2015. :)

  7. I love your honesty with this process! I honestly don't know if I have the willpower to stick to this diet as long as you did!! Good for you!