WIWW: July 4th Edition + Link Up

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the spirit of the Fourth of July I decided to throw on my current obsession in my closet right now; this skirt. Y'all, I am not one to swoon over clothes because I am more of a tennis shoe swooner, but this skirt is the bomb-digity. It is flowy and vibrant and so comfy!

Being 5'3" I have to wear it higher up so it doesn't drag the ground, but I could wear it lower and pair it with wedges. It is so versatile!

Also, this Gap top is my jam. I am all about the sleeveless tanks during the summer here in Texas. Sleeves = sweaty pits. #justbeinghonest I also bought it in plain white and have worn both of them multiple times. When they go on sale at the end of the season I am going back to get more. They're just so perfect!

These shoes have been in my weekly rotation since I bought them a couple months ago. I never knew Old Navy made such comfortable and stylish shoes. Where have I been? Under a rock?! I also bought the black ones because if the shoe is comfy, buy it in every color.


- Everyone had a lot of funnies to say about my "Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Wife" post. Y'all even requested me do another one, so I am working on that! It will be just as g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.

- Have you seen the show on E! called Botched? I'm kinda obsessed and I don't know why. I used to love the show Doctor 911 and this is similar.

- The Bachelorette this season is pretty good. Josh is...mmmmm! Totally my type, as Chris would say. Even Chris said, "That's a good looking dude, but he waxes his eyebrows." Nick is dumb and I don't like him. Farmer Chris is too cute and Marcus is just a normal 'ol dude. 

- I am almost done staining our bathroom cabinets and I cannot wait to show y'all the results! It is looking really good!

- I haven't been swimming one time this summer and it really bums me out. I grew up with a pool next door at my aunt's house, so I swam every. single. day. In Texas, you need a pool! We are saving our pennies to hopefully install one! The whole reason I wanted a big yard was to have a pool. We have the big yard, now my hubs needs to help me make the pool happen! Ahhh!

Now for the link up!

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- Write about something fashion related :)

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Happy Wednesday! 

And thanks to all the lovelies who are linking up! 

This linkup is growing right before my eyes and I am so humbled that people even read this little space of mine!

Thank you for linking up!

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  1. Love that combo! That dress is such a gorgeous shade of blue! Thanks for hosting the link up.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Oh my gosh this is perfect for this week! Love it!


  3. That cobalt maxi skirt is perfection and I want it. I even have an identical tank to re-create this.

    I am doing a Dress-themed week this week and it is also Patriotic-inspired. Would love for you to see my Blue, Red+White Striped Look that I linked up today.

    As always I am reading your blog, just never enough time to comment all the time. Happy Hump Day Sarah and enjoy the Holiday!! <3 Ada.

  4. love how patriotic this outfit is!! looks fantastic on you!
    XO Ellen

  5. I have an internal debate each week on who I like on the Bachelorette. Josh is SUPER gorgeous, but I feel like he's kinda a dick and isn't quite ready to settle down. Nick sucks, Marcus is kinda too 'pretty' and I doubt lawyer Andi wants to be a homemaker on a farm! Ha!

  6. I can't STAND Nick!!! Marcus is a weird choice as well. Love your hubby's comment on Josh, lol! Mine just walked in and called a DB without even watching the show. lol

  7. Love how patriotic this is!

    Can you come stain our cabinets?! Its been on our list forever and just hasn't happened!

  8. Hi Sarah I'm so glad to have found your blog via Carrie @ALovelyLittleWardrobe. I like the color of your maxi skirt.
    I also like the cute but comfy look of this outfit. Perfect for a casual but hot 4th of July day. I would love to invite you to join the #WhatWivesWearLinkUp. If you are interested we link up every Thursday at godlifehappywife.blogspot.com. I hope you can join us. I look forward to following and seeing more of your posts.

  9. I would think that digging a pool is much easier than mowing the lawn...so get at it girl, if you can mow a lawn you can dig a pool...haha, just kidding :) Yes pools are pretty awesome! Although we have a pool and I rarely go in, go figure.

  10. Perfect Americana outfit my friend!! And I cannot wait to see how the cabinets look!

  11. I've fallen in love with a lot of maxi dresses this summer, but like you, I have a height problem. Funny thing is, the girls section is just the right height but I doubt I fit into their sizes.

    I've also gotten hooked on that Botched show. It is very addicting!

  12. So perfect for 4th of July! I'm loving that maxi skirt, but I definitely have the same problem since I'm only 5'1" :)


  13. Hi Sarah, I'm Caitlin's friend and I followed your blog on and off during the busy school year. Now that it's summer I started my own blog just a few days ago. I finished my clothing fast on Black Friday (you may have seen my guest post on Caitlin's blog) and I'm currently doing Caitlin's summer remix challenge. Today was the first time I've linked up here and I just wanted to thank you for what you do! Looking forward to getting to know you and being inspired! I'm a teacher too - isn't summer the best?

  14. Super cute 4th of July look!! I have a skirt just like that from Forever 21 :)