Recent Pet Peeves

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback to our honeymoon in Kauai...because every blog post needs a picture.
1. Littering. Seriously, lazy, pick up your trash. Ugh

2. When Chris bites his nails and I can hear it. It makes me cringe. The nails on the chalkboard cringe. He does it subconsciously and I beat him immediately. Kidding, kind of

3. Shrieking. From babies, it is cute. From grown people it is annoying. Don't shriek when a bug flies on you. You can scream, yell, and cuss, but don't let out an awful, high pitched shriek. Ahhhhh.

4. When someone eats a meal and then wants to go workout because they just ate a meal. Ummm, no thanks, I don't want to go shake my stomach up on a jog. I want to let the calories sink into my thighs and remember the bacon I gorged myself on. So annoying.

5. When skinny girls say they are fat. 'Nuff said.

6. The keyboard click on the iphone. Turn. it. off. No one wants to hear you texting. Your ringer going off every five seconds is obvious enough that you're more popular than I. You text so we don't have to hear you, so don't make me listen to 1,987,558 clicks a minute.

7. People in my workout class who don't follow the instructor and, instead, do their own thing. Why did you come to a class to have someone tell you what to do only to not do anything the instructor says? It's distracting and kind of disrespectful to the teacher.

8. Changing the channel on every commercial. I think it is a man thing because Chris does it all the time and so does my brother. Can't we just leave it on one channel?

9. Girls who workout with their hair down. Really?

10. The weird/gross/irreverent articles that pop up on my Facebook. It is so annoying and I probably unfollow 5 people a day because all they do is share weird links.

What are you recent pet peeves? 

Happy Thursday!



  1. Totally with you on number 9!! Kardashian much?!

  2. Ugh skinny girls complaining about weight need a punch in the face (sometimes). Because they are obsessed about it and know they aren't fat and that's annoying. Also, when someone tries to back in to a parking space and they are crooked and over the line and dont fix it-really grinds my gears!

  3. I don't even know HOW people can work out after a meal. It's a good 60-90 min digestion wait for me or I cramp up! But pretty much all of these, yes.

  4. Littering!! Gaahh it is so annoying! It drives me nuts!

  5. this!!! How in the world are girls working out with their hair down...I don't get it!!

  6. ughhhh... number 6. i can't stand it. it makes me want to grab the phone and chunk it into a cement wall.

  7. Haha all of these I can relate too--but the whole doing you own thing in exercise class makes me cray cray!! I mean it distracting--prolly insulting to the teacher--and you have the whole rest of the gym to do whatever you'd like in! Why come to class?! End Rant. ha!


  8. I agree on ALL of them!!!! OMG this is great!

  9. oh my gosh i couldn't agree more with so many of these. particularly: the keyboard clicks. please stop. and we are in work so it shouldn't be on loud anyway. number 8: my husband does this all the time!!! 9: i want to take scissors and cut their hair! 10: please stop sharing animal abuse articles and how much you love your daughter. SO ANNOYING And i dont want to get sad reading those animal articles!

  10. Yes to everything about number 10. That's all my Facebook is now. It's not even worth logging on.

  11. totally agree with these! Especailly the workout with your hair down! How do you do it, sweating on you back with your hair sticking to it...ew gross...and when people cut their nails at work. Drives me batty! Like cut your freakin' nails at home you weirdo, and why the hell do you have nail clippers at work. I get one nail cause it's uneven but not all freakin' fingers. Phew got that off my chest.

  12. Good ol facebook.I know what my current pet peeve is...that I haven't gotten to come back and see you. I miss my friend.

  13. Eeeks! Love the pic from Kauai. :) We honeymooned there too and LOVED it. What beach were you on?

  14. I actually get annoyed at ppl leaving their hair down if it's too long... I mean, grown women with hair all the way to their ass!!! Annoying!!!
    Another one: women who refuse to adjust their wardrobe if they gain weight... Perfectly attractive wen who look bad because they don't dress their body

  15. OMG my husband bites/chews his nails and I lose it. I hate that sound! I totally agree about girls who work out with their hair down...I don't get it!

  16. Lol...
    1. My neighbor just did that and I was thisclose to grabbing it from the street an leaving it by her font door!
    3. My son and hubby do this to annoy the bejesus out of me.
    4. I do this ;). But I walk not run, don't want to puke my dinner out.
    5. You've mentioned this before ;)
    6. Yup, annoys me too!
    7. I do this ONLY when I'm near collapsing.
    8. Husband does this all the time! He also switches a song half way thru it..arg!
    9. Girls wearing makeup to the gym...really? Who are they trying to impress????
    10. Deleted that shenanigan along time has been much better since.

  17. "I want to let the calories sink into my thighs and remember the bacon I gorged myself on." Haha I feel like this is my life!