Christmas Shopping in July

Friday, July 25, 2014

I was going to not post today, but insomnia hit because the mister is working nights and, to be honest, I am sorta scared to sleep alone, so I just stay up. It totally throws off my sleep schedule and I become sort of a nightmare to live with when I am sleep deprived, but luckily that's what naps are for, right? 

So, since I am not into infomercials, I decided I would try to whip up a blog post and do some online Christmas shopping. Yes, you read that right...I am starting to Christmas shop. Last year I waited until December to shop and I hated the fact that we spent so much money in one month. So, since there are tons of summer sales going on right now, and Texas has 10 months of summer, I thought I would knock out some Christmas shopping while I was in the right state of sleepy mind.

Below are some of my favorite pieces that are all on sale. Ya'll know I am a cheapo when it comes to clothes, so the fact that these items are dirt cheap makes me want to buy everything in another color!

All the links are clickable!

Okay, if I could wear this outfit everyday, I would. It definitely makes me feel feminine, yet I totally feel comfortable. I also bought these pants in an olive green color because they are that perfect. And by the way, those wedges are the most comfortable things in the whole wide world. I also have them in black! Old Navy and Gap have perfected the shoe making process, I tell ya!

A lot of you asked about my tank I wore last week. It is from Old Navy, not Target, and it is only $8.99! And these sandals, like the wedges, are so comfy. I actually bought two pairs and I wear them all the time.

the skirt is also in black and beige (it's my most favorite skirt, ever!)

No, lie. Best. Skirt. Ever. You can eat all you want and since it has an elastic waist you don't feel restricted. Ya'll know I have to have room for my ice cream! And I bought this shirt in plain white also. I'm tellin' ya, if it fits, buy it in ever color :)

I was super skeptical about buying a jean jacket because I hate feeling restricted. All I thought of when I thought jean jacket was have uncomfy jeans on my arms. I hate not being able to move, but this jacket is like that perfect pair of stretchy jeans. It was totally worth the money and I know I'll have it for years!

Since my family reads my blog, I can't giveaway everything I have bought for Christmas, but I can tell you a couple things that might be perfect for a lady in you life!

- This colorblock clutch is perfect. I bought one last week and it is genuine leather and so wonderfully made.

- These scarfs are so cute. Scarfs are the best stocking stuffers for all the woman in your family!

- This tassel necklace is everywhere! So fun!

- And lastly, the necklace of the year, the personalized bar pendant. This is on my Christmas list!

I hope this helps you kick start your holiday shopping! I know I am trying to not make the same mistake I made last year of buying everything all at once. This year I am trying to be proactive and get my shopping done while the sales are hot!

Do you Christmas shop in July?!

Happy Friday! And I am posting over on Helene's blog today, so go check it out!

PS: Hello, if you are here from Helene's blog! I'm so happy you've stopped by and I hope you enjoy this little space of mine!



  1. i have got to start thinking about christmas gifts, i'm the same - last year was not fun for the bank account! it's not even that much, its just a lot in one month. i have a denim jacket and it is so stiff and horrible that i never wear it. i wanted to see if i could soften it with fabric softener before i gave in and bought another, although that ON one looks pretty fabulous... and I do not need any more striped tops, I seriously have like 70 but that one is only $12. How can you say no?

  2. Oooh I do like that tassel necklace! And I'm swooning over your pics again. Your hubby does such a good job!

  3. I'm here from Helene's blog!

    I love that personalized bar necklace. I'm not a huge gold wearer but I'm starting to do a little more than I used to.

  4. I've actually already started thinking to Christmas shopping as well. Its okay, I'd like to be done earlier than I was last year so we'll see!

  5. You are so adorable! Can you just shop for me and I'll pay you back?!?! You make it look so easy! :)

  6. You are a genius my friend! I really should get on this!

  7. Those clothes are so so cute! Found your blog through Helene's and it's just precious. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I bought a few things from the Nordies sale, although they're birthday gifts, perhaps I should shop some more!

  9. You know, that might not be such a bad idea to start shopping now! I usually start in October, but feel like we spend so much in the last half of the year! I did however, hit up some super sales for Winter stuff already...vests and jackets bought in july? If they are an additional 50%...yes haha

  10. The idea of doing the Christmas shopping in July is wayyyyyyy under-rated! More people need to do it!
    I have a whole cupboard dedicated to presents in one of our spare rooms. Its also really cheeky to be able to grab a gift out of there for a birthday that might have slipped your mind...
    I buy things as I see them, ESPECIALLY when they're on sale. You've got the right idea, girl!

    1. Ever since I read this comment, I now I a designated area in our house for Christmas gifts/extra gifts! My mom was always great at buying things throughout the year, and now I am on the right track!

    2. Woohoo! Stoked I could inspire you ;)

  11. Oh man, I haven't even started thinking of Christmas yet. I wish I was that organized! lol!! I probably should start now for my little one.