The Fourth

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mawmaw always has a freezer full of the good stuff!

Nothing too exciting here to report. Friday morning we headed down to Beaumont to Chris's Mawmaw's house. If you have never heard of Beaumont, that's probably a good thing. It is the smelliest and most mosquito infested city in Texas...or at least to Chris and I it is. I would take the dogs out to go to the bathroom and literally be swatting mosquitoes on my legs the entire time I was outside. I set at record of killing 12 on my legs within a four minute period. It's gross.

Chris parents have been updating his grandma's townhouse, so my weekend was filled with staining cabinets {just like I did to our bathroom last week!} and painting. I would tell you what else we did, but that was about the extent of it! I guess we got some cuddles in with the pups, but that is nothing new.

Hope you dipped your toe in a pool for me! I am determined to make it to the pool this week. I am pool-deprived and knowing everyone was swimming it up while I was staining tore at my heart just a little!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Bluebell really is the best - nothing says summer better! And such a cute pup as always :)

  2. Ha! I used to have a client in Beaumont and although I never had to make a market trip, I could tell by the demo's that it wasn't a city I'd want to live in! :)

  3. I have yet to swim in our pool this year as well. The one time I attempted too, the pool was freezing and it lasted literally 5 min. However I'll be in the pool/ocean next week all week!

  4. You're too sweet to do more housework and DIY'ing on your holiday weekend!!! Atleast you were rewarded with Bluebell :)

  5. Mmmmm....I'd do some manual labor for all that ice cream too! And eeewwww...mosquitos....DA NILE!!! LOL

  6. ewwww, mosquitoes, If I was with you, they would all go to me and not you...and holy cow that is a lot of ice cream in one freezer, my dream come true...haha :)

  7. Ahh I have about 80 mosquito bites on my body I swear! They are the worst this year--but sounds like at least you had some quality family and puppy time :)


  8. haha love the pics. Hope you get to take a dip!

    Thanks for linking up :)