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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Shop the look!

I may have an unhealthy obsession with this sweater and I'm okay with it. My MIL got my SIL and I each one, and we ended up wearing it on the same day...both with black tights...both with boots. Hey, good style runs in the fam, ha!The cowl neck had me at hello and I wish you could feel how soft it is! 

And can we all take a gander down at my shoes? I got the TOMS I have been wanting for so, so long! A Christmas tradition in my family is getting lotto scratch-offs in our stocking and Mrs. Unlucky over here won enough money (seriously, this is the first Christmas I have won more than $2) to pay cash for those grey beauties. Beat that, brother-who-always-wins-hundreds-of-dollars.

The camera bag, also a grand slam gift from my MIL...thanks to hints from my hubby who listens to my wants very well. She ordered it off Etsy, so I don't know the source!

Wednesday Randoms:

- Having two weeks off and then trying to wake up at 5:00am again is like someone bringing cookies to the gym; just cruel.

- Speaking of cookies, I have decided that my New Year's goal is to only eat sweets on the weekends. The weekends being Friday night-Sunday night. Chris and I did this challenge a couple years ago before we went on a cruise and we loved the results. But what was in my mailbox at school today? Oh you know, three giant chocolate chip cookies! Torture. I got rid of them asap!

- I went Sam Moon the other day for a phone case and I resisted buying anything but a phone case. I saw the cutest scarf and it was only $6 and all I could think was, "Sarah, you don't need that scarf at all!" Y'all, I am seriously a changed woman. 

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Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Love those wedges on you! So proud of you and the lone phone case :) Thanks for hosting us, pretty lady!

  2. loving the wedges AND that fabulous bag. Beautiful! Thanks for hosting!!

  3. Very classy pretty look :)

  4. woah what a great lovely outfit, i love its causal cosy chicness (if thats a thing lol) the earings really had a bit of pizazz! They are amazing!xx

  5. LOVE those earrings so much! That sweater looks like something I'd live in on a daily basis. Really cute paired with the leggings and wedge booties. Your camera bag is uber-stylish!

  6. Oh man, I love that bag! If you ever find out the source, let us know! I could use a new camera bag :)

    I can definitely see why you are living in that sweater. The cowl neck is so cute and it looks so cozy. I love that both you and your SIL wore it the same way!

    I am so glad I found your blog via the linkup - I am a new follower via GFC!

  7. Stooooop it with that outfit and those gorgy photos..I have a pair of Toms wedges on my wish list this year..I heard they are beyond comfy. And I have one day a week now where I can eat sweets/any carby snack. It's called my Sugar Day lol.

  8. Such a simple outfit, yet totally amazing on you!! You look killer and those emerald colored earrings are so perfect for a pop of color! :)


  9. The chambray Toms are all mine once they are back in stock! The hubs was going to give them to me for my birthday but they've been sold out forever!

  10. I've wanted those TOMS forever too! So freaking cute. And that bag is beautiful!!

  11. That sweater is just lovely! Such a fun and cozy outfit. :)

  12. I MUST OWN THAT CAMERA BAG!!!! I've been wanting a Jo Totes one pretty badly but need to find one on ETSY that would be better for what I need. YAY for your precious outfit already. Love you friend. Thank you for inspiring me. Michael said to thank you too! hahah

  13. What a great oufit- looks comfortable but polished!

  14. This is a great sweater to have an unhealthy obsession with! I love how you paired it with black and more camel accents - perfect!

    One question - what does WIWW stand for?? It looks like fun!