Chalk one up for the wife...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Not that I am keeping count or anything, but in marriage I feel there is always a secret battle going on between husband and wife. The battle has to do with "I told you so's..." How many times in marriage or relationships do we go, "I told you that would happen?" or "Just admit I was right!"

Well, well, well....last weekend Chris and I went to our favorite breakfast place before heading out for a day full of house hunting. Right when you enter the restaurant there is always a picture up for of those 'submit your offer and you might be the highest, you might not be' type auctions. You have to put your bid in a locked box so you really have no idea if you're the highest or the lowest. The pictures are always of deer, or some animal that can be hunted. Just the pictures I swoon over, sikeee! 

On this particular Sunday Chris was feeling frisky and decided to bid. I told him not to because I had this weird feeling that he would win. Why, you ask? Because I was confident that no one else wanted this picture of a buck in the woods. Common sense really. The starting bid was $150 and I reminded Chris that we are trying to buy a house and spending $150+ dollars on a stupid deer picture was not ideal at this time. Plus, I already have enough dead animals and animal pictures for one house. He is going to have to build me a mansion if he thinks there will be room for all this wildlife. He assured me he would not win, so I didn't think much of it.

Fast forward to last night and the phone rings around eight. It is an unknown number, so Chris doesn't answer. They leave a message and as he is listening to it he starts dying laughing. I ask him what is so funny and he says, "You don't want to know. It's better if you just don't know." Obviously I won that battle and he confessed that he had, indeed, won the buck picture. I told you no one else wanted that darn thing! 

So now we are spending $175 on a picture of a buck that I have to hang in our new house because I refuse to let it sit and collect dust. I'll just chalk this up to another "I told you so moment" and call it a day. I know tomorrow is a fresh start and more wins for the wife category.

Happy Thursday! Here's to hoping your husband is just as lucky as mine...and that every house has a picture of a buck in the woods. 


  1. Bahahahaha! Aaron gets one room...when that is full..he is S-O-L. Of course he won it and it couldn't be like a gift certificate or an awesome trip somewhere...we will just keep our I told you so tallies and bring the score out for them to see every anniversary...ha ;)

  2. I got a good laugh from this. Not AT you, but because I could so see something like this happening to us :)

  3. I'm laughing out loud at my desk right now! So funny!!!!!!! Bless you for hanging it in the new house :)

  4. Oh my gosh. When will these men learn friend?! hehe And can't I just send you all of Michael's head in our house? Have I ever shown you a picture?! He has taken over our "formal" living room. Did the picture at least come in a cute frame?!

  5. Hahaha! Of all the things in the world you could win, really? They should just understand that wives ALWAYS know do they not get that??