WIWW: Grey + Black + Link up!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top: Gap (here, on sale!) // Leggings: no source, sorry! // Boots: Francesca's last year (similar on sale, here)

I got these leggings for Christmas from my Aunt and Uncle and I have been living in them. The grey and the black is hard to differentiate unless you are really close. I love it because it adds a little pattern to a pretty boring outfit. Plus, zebra is fun at any age. 

Wednesday randoms:

- Chris and I are headed to go skiing this weekend and I am super excited.

- The exciting news I teased at is coming next week! Even though some of you tricksters have already texted me in anticipation...

- I need another haircut and I am thinking of going a little more dramatic than last time...then I'll grow it out for summer.

- I cannot stop wearing my TOMs. It is almost an unhealthy obsession.

- My school is starting a "Biggest Loser" challenge this Friday. There is a $5 buy in and if you gain weight week to week, you owe $5 the next Monday. I am thinking about doing it just to have some motivation to get moving!

Now for the link up!
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- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)
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Happy Wednesday! 

Thank you for linking up!

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  1. That Biggest Loser thing sounds like fun! Is there a grand prize for the winner?

  2. This is such a great look! I want those leggings.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  3. Good luck with the biggest loser competition - I remember our schools doing them, they were quite interesting, esp with all the goodies schools provide on random days.

  4. LOVE the leggings and the fabulous drape of the top. Good luck with the contest!!

  5. I love this outfit! It looks very comfy!

  6. GREAT leggings friend....and this is week #2 for our biggest loser challenge at my work...ours is $20 buy in...so steaks are high...I need a pair of Toms..and sandals..and a new bathing suit...so yeah..I in it to win it LOL

  7. Are your leggings Cuddl Duds? I have a pair just like them and thats what mine are!

  8. I need to join a Biggest Loser competition. I need to get control of my eating. :)

  9. That biggest loser idea sounds fun! Also, I'm jealous of your skiing trip! I haven't been in years and my Hubby has NEVER been skiing haha and we live in Utah!!
    Love the fun zippers on those boots!


  10. Those boots are to die for! Love it!

  11. A very simple but rocker-chic look. The boots are amazing & leggings are cool. Lucky you for going skiing. I have never done it but always wanted to. =)

    And did you look at this post?


    There is a surprise there for you - I promise. Check it out. And check what I linked up, also. I hope you like my 2 Outfits. =)

    Have a Great Weekend, Ada. =)

  12. LOVE the zippers on your boots! SO CUTE!