WIWW: Put Together + Link Up

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is what I always thought I would dress like as a teacher. All cutsie and put together. Who was I kidding? I am lucky if I get my hair brushed and mascara put on.

I may not be chasing around kindergartners, but fifth graders aren't any less active. I am constantly circling my classroom, kneeling down helping students, walking the halls, pacing the lunch room. I don't stop walking all day, and these wedges, although my favorite, are not the best for walking.

Random Wednesday Thoughts:

- I am so ready to wear boots. We are still pushing three-digit temperatures here in Tejas. I won't shed when summer decides to get on outta here!

- I got the most adorable dress from eShakti sent to me and I can't wait to show you how I styled it!

- My resolution has changed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am learning more about my style and what pieces I will add to my closet when I am able to shop again. I have also learned what pieces are no longer 'me'. Cough, cough...items from high school and the early years of college.

- If you're wondering how my results are coming from my laser hair removal...they are fantastic! I got it done just about a month ago and I have probably shaved my underarms three times and my legs three times. Talk about amazing! And that was only after one treatment! 

- Maybe because I live under a rock, but I had no idea about the Phillip Lim for Target craziness. Since I wake up at five and don't get home until around seven or eight, you can bet my mind isn't focused on stalking to see what designer is about to release gorgeous handbags at Target. Jealous, much? YES! Even though I couldn't partake in the purchasing of these beauties, it gives me something to think about. Had I been able to buy one, I probably would have. And guess what? It would have been a complete impulse buy! EXACTLY what I have learned to avoid through this whole no-shopping-for-a-year process. Do I need a new purse? Nope. Are there tons of other options similar to the Phillip Lim ones? Yes. But knowing about the hype, my prior self would have been all over that. I have to pat myself on the back for taking this situation and turning it into a learning experience. "Good job, Sarah. You should reward yourself with a new bag on January 1st, 2014!" Totally kidding...kinda.  

Now for the link up!!

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(some people have been forgetting this lately and, to be honest, it is really disrespectful. 7 out of 21 bloggers linked back to me last week. I will be deleting your post if you don't respect my one and only rule. Thanks!)

- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)
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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. First off...this outfit is so ridiculously cute. I know what you mean though...I used to be a teacher, and it was everything I had to brush my hair before I left.

    I'm interested to know what pieces you threw out. Sooo many of many clothes are from high school/early college.

  2. You are seriously the most adorable...Ever. Loving your glasses!

  3. Very cute! Also, I just read your resolution for the first time and I have to say I am extremely impressed! I considered doing that once before, but I think for me to not go shopping I would have to lock myself in the house for the entire year haha. Good for you though! And only two and a half months to go!

  4. I can't wait for boots and scarves. Isn't it sad when we think 89 degrees is cool! :) I was out of the loop with the Target thing as well until it all exploded on Facebook and I had to get online to see what it was all about.

  5. If I were a teacher that's what I would want to wear. But I totally understand the comfy shoes factor. When I wear heels for my own photo shoots, I can't wait to rip them off in the car on the way home. :) Love your glasses!

  6. 1. You look so teacher-ish in your glasses, love them! 2. Totally understand about keeping things for way too long. I just threw out 2 garbage bags of clothes I had been holding onto from highschool and early college! 3. omg, just read your post on laser hair removal I'm so jealous!! does it last..forever? 4. Also completely clueless on the shindig at Target. Still not interested lol xoxo!

  7. Loove your outfit!! I'm in wedges today at work (& hating them as I sit in my chair!) so, I can only imagine being a teacher how those would not really work out too well! So happy for you about your resolution! You are doing so so SO awesome!!!

  8. I miss you!! And can't stop smiling when I read about how much you are loving your new job! Those kids are lucky!! January 1st is almost here!! Then I am driving to Dallas and we are going shopping!! Love you!

  9. Fuchsia is gorg on you! And I'm right there with you. SO ready for boots weather!

  10. Lo lo lo LOVE the green pants with those colors! Stop being the most adorable teacher ever!!! ;)