What Makes Me Tick

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1. Me time - I am not talking about shopping time, or pampering time. Although those are nice, I am talking about time around the house where I can get stuff done. Whether it be organizing things, cleaning or picking up, just relaxing on the couch, or taking a nap...I have got to have me time at least once a week.

Two nights ago I sat in our bedroom and worked on the computer for about an hour while Chris watched football in the living room. I left the door open so we still felt 'connected' (Chris has separation anxiety, hah!), but it was so nice to not talk, or think, or be physically moving. I really can recharge when I just turn my mind off for some me time.

2. Organization - I am the girl that is a walking Post-It note. I make list after list after list. I keep a planner in my phone and on a calendar. I label things and have Suri remind me of everything. If I am not organized, I am a hot mess. And not a very nice one. Some call me a tad bit anal at times...then they end up thanking me for being the organized one. 

3. A weekend of doing nothing - Sometimes you to have to say no to everything and everyone. Chris and I are getting better it. Last weekend we said yes to everyone and everything and by Sunday night we were done. And when Chris and Sarah are done, they are done...and grumpy! Guess what is happening this weekend? NOTHING.

4. Ice cream - No explanation needed. Chris knows the way to my heart. Last night he brought home Ben and Jerry's American Dream...holy yum.

5. Eight hours of sleep - My body will wake up the moment I have slept eight hours. Sometimes I wonder how I ever slept so much as a teen. But leeet meee teeellll you...if this body of mine does not get eight hours of sleep, you can kiss my happy mood goodbye. I should add to this that the moment I am hungry...I become hangry. Hungry and angry all at once. Chris always makes sure I have snacks packed if we are going anywhere because he has caught the wrath one too many times. 'Till death do us part :)

What makes you tick?

Happy Thursday!



  1. I loved this post! I'm the same way about 'me time' after the kids go to bed and the house is cleaned up hubby knows that I need at least 30 min to myself to unwind from the crazy day.

  2. such a fun post finding out some quirks about you! boy do i get HANGRY too, very very often!!!!

  3. So glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets "hangry"! ;)

  4. You look so cute friend! And nothing gets me more excited then crossing things off our home to do list.. that is the ultimate me time!

  5. Oh my gosh. I was nodding right along to all of these! Especially the walking post it note and me time. I need it every night. Something. A walk with Tilly, a bath, computer time....it just MUST happen. Happy Friday eve my love!

  6. My husband knows better than to let me get hangry too. It isn't pretty!

  7. OH MY WORDDDDDDD! Cutest post ever. :) These pictures are my all time fave of you! Simply ADORABLE!