Throwback Thursday

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I mentioned yesterday how I have been going through my closet to get rid of clothes from high school and the early years of college. I am slightly embarrassed to say that these pictures were taken from 2007-2009 and I still have almost every article of clothing photographed (not counting the ski apparel).

Get it together, Sarah. It is time to let go of all your unsentimental items and make room for some new clothes in 2014!

And in honor of Throwback Thursday, and my lack of creativity for a new post, here is a random gathering of pictures from my past.

I know, I haven't changed much...



  1. Your skiing (I assume) picture ALMOST makes me want to go play in the snow. Almost ;) Cute pics!



  2. Love the pictures! Sorry but your old clothes aren't even THAT bad! I like that red sweater cardigan you're rocking...

  3. I'm the same way -- I sllloowwwllly get rid of clothes that I know I will never wear again! And then, when I finally do, I'll look at old photos and get super sentimental and upset that I can't remember precisely what happened to those clothes! Worse, sometimes I start to worry about my poor clothes, full of memories, hanging out in some thrift store being all lonely...

    Wow. That totally made me sound like a crazy person.


  4. Love me some good #tbt pictures!! Can we wear I heart NY T Shirts when we go?? :)

  5. These photos give me SERIOUS long-hair envy, dear... You look totally stunning in every photo! XO