Laser Hair Removal Update + Weekend Shenanigans

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saturday morning was D-Day, also known as our laser hair removal appointment day. You can read about our lovely first experience here. I will keep this short and sweet.

People have been asking what it looks like right after the treatment. I don't get red at all, but Chris has really sensitive skin and he has a rash for a couple hours after the treatment. It was gone by Saturday night. 
It hurt A LOT less the second time. I didn't have to get my legs done this round because the hair has not hit its 'growth cycle' yet and all my others 'areas' were so much less painful than last time. Last time I felt like I went through childbirth. This time I felt like I had a mild sunburn. Can you imagine my relief?

At the end of the day, I can already tell this is money well spent.

Saturday afternoon was spent grocery shopping, baking bread, watching college football, feasting on my favorite crockpot recipe, taking a nap from 6pm-8pm, then going to bed at 9pm. It was cloudy and rainy all day which made for the perfect lazy Saturday. 

During our trip to the grocery store Chris insisted on buying Wrigley this GIANT bone. We had a gift card, so that was what we spent it on, a bone.

Candles, college football, cozy snuggles, and a giant bone.
Sunday we headed to church then to the Rangers game. It was a gorgeous day. Low 70's, not a cloud in the sky. Then, when we got to the game, we were baking. The sweat was in all the wrong places and caused you to have to stay seated or someone may think you wet yourself. I wore my running shorts and a tee shirt, so I lucked out and I didn't totally look like I wet myself. Drenched pants aside, we won! Tonight we play Tampa Bay and I am crossing my fingers we win again!

Chis in the blue shirt and blue hat, Jake (Chris's best friend), Alisa (my best friend), and me. We made it on Fox Sports!

Happy Monday!

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  1. UGH! I am crossing my fingers for a W too! WHY must they do this to us!? LOL! Sounds like y'all had a good weekend! I might be looking into this laser hair removal too! Hmmm....!? :)

  2. Glad you had a good weekend! Our Saturday was like that too...rainy, cozy, football. Perfect!

  3. Love those sweet furry faces!!! And I wish we got some of that rainy cozy weather here already. Perfect Saturday :)

  4. Lucky y'all that you were at the game! I just hope they can pull it out today.

  5. Oh my gosh... that BREAD! I would kill to be able to eat gluten again just for one slice of that bread!

  6. Stopping by from Sami's Weekend Recap! That bread looks awesome! I love baking bread but it never turns out like I want it to. Looks like you had a relaxing weekend!!

  7. You are famous now! Don't forget the little people!!! hehe And now I need hair removal. I thought you were suppose to help me NOT spend money!!???!!!

  8. OMG your living room is to die for! So gorgeous. I am too chicken for the hair removal so I will keep with shaving, ha ha. I bet a relaxing evening was much needed after that!

    Have a great week girlfriend. xo

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