I was Pin-spired

Friday, February 1, 2013

A couple weeks ago Sheaffer had me over on her blog to talk about an outfit that was inspired by Pinterest. I was so excited because I knew that, because of my 2013 resolution, I HAD to only use items that were in my closet! 

I put my creative panties on (okay, I don't honestly have creative panties, but I would go buy some...if I could shop this year!) and had my mind set on an Aztec inspired outfit. 

With no new clothes purchases for a year I am going to have to get creative with my outfits! Dim the lights, cue the background music, and please welcome my lifesaver: Pinterest! 

I looked to Pinterest a couple weekends ago when trying to come up with an outfit for a day with my girls. Can I mention one little thing...I am LOVING the Aztec and Navajo print. Ummm, anyone else?! I realized I only have one item in this print and on December 31st (my last ditch effort to buy something before my resolution kicked it), in the Albuquerque airport (with no laptop and an iphone with horrible cell service), I was scouring websites in search of the perfect Najavo cardigan. No. Freaking. Luck. Oh well, God was teaching me that I already have enough!

Pinterest came up clutch and knocked one out of the park with this little number. I would have never paired these items together, but, alas, I had a perfect outfit for a sunny Saturday!

Here are my inspiration pins (is that dress not to die for?!?)
dress source//top right: no source//bangels and watch

Chambray Top: Forever 21
Aztec Skirt: Target
Boot: Chinese Laundry at Nordstroms
Bubble Necklace: Southern Affair Boutique
Turquoise Bracelet: Forever 21
Wooden Bangel: Hand me down from my Mom
Rose Gold Watch: Fossil 

So there ya have it, an Aztec outfit straight out of my very own tee-pee :)

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  1. I love this idea of using what you have to recreate Pinterest-inspired looks. This skirt is awesome! Love the print! Looks great paired with the chambray.

  2. Your outfit beats your inspiration pieces! I am totally pinning this :)

  3. I my gosh, I love this! My favorite so far today. Adorable and great re-creation! Heather

  4. You're so cute! I walked right by Forever 21 at the mall yesterday. Should have ducked in...I love that bracelet! (Accessories are the only things I buy there...) :)

  5. I totally love your outfit. All the pieces came together perfectly. And I think it is pretty brave to not do any clothes shopping for an entire year. I'm pretty sure I would end up in pjs everyday since I'm just now working to build the basics in my closet.

  6. Oh my gosh! What an adorable outfit :) You are sooo brave to not buy any clothes for a year!! I have pinned those pictures too...now I have to pin your outfit!

    XO Samantha

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! It is one of my favorite outfits to date :)

      Have a great day!

  8. I'm loving all things Aztec these days too! (Hence my blog design! HA!) You did such a great job though at creating a replica outfit!!! & I totally agree with you... that dress is to DIE FOR!!!

  9. You are too adorable! Love this outfit!

  10. I absolutely love your outfit!

  11. Love love love this outfit. Is that skirt from this season!! I want one!!!

  12. you look amazing, Miss Aztec! this is a really fun link up today!

  13. You ROCKED that aztec skirt!!!!!! Seriously, how cute are you in this outfit!?!
    Thanks for linking up!!!

  14. Thanks for linking up Sarah!!!! Still LOVE this outfit!
    Sheaffer :)

  15. Ok.. drooling over that dress.... and your pinspired outfit is soooo cute!

    Have a good weekend and enjoy having your hubby home! ( Even if it means postponing the trash TV watching... Men, and the things we do for them ;) )

    1. Thank you!!

      The weekend was full of relaxation and eating :)

      Have a great day!