Whole 30: Let's Do This!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A few years ago I did a Whole 30. I stuck to it and it sucked. There is no way around it. My why is what drove me. 

I’ve battled with acid reflux for over 10 years now. I’ve been on and tried every medication and Tums are my best friend. After being fed up with throwing up stomach bile, I decided to do a Whole 30 challenge in the fall of 2014. I didn’t do it to lose weight or for my physique. I did it for my health and, you know what, it helped tremendously.

I was able to keep up semi-healthy eating habits until time passed and I fell back into my old ways. 

So that brings me to now and why I’m doing it again, and the answer is simple: acid reflux and some undiagnosable digestive issues. 

I’m using my blog to help y’all keep me accountable. I must preface this all by saying that I’m not going to be doing it 100%. Honestly, it takes time and that is something that I have a limited amount of right now, so I’d say I’m doing it about 95%. I am not planning on splurging on anything, but I will be eating quinoa (pictured above), some cheese, and I will be putting creamer in my morning coffee because #teacherlife. We are in survival mode and creamer is a must!

I am planning on posting my meals and meal plans. I can tell you know that there will be a lot of repeated meals. I refuse to spend tons of money on random grocery items that then take me 45 minutes to prepare. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I am by no means a health food expert. I know my way around a gym, but the kitchen is not my area of expertise, so feel free to share easy (I repeat, easy!) Whole 30 or Paleo recipes with me!

I did take before pictures just to help myself. I refuse to post any on here because, hello, I teach pre-teens who have told me they know I blog (embarrassing), so I don’t need them seeing what my momma gave me. But, I make no promises that this summer I won’t find the guts to show off my hard work. 

Also, I’m getting back into my workout routine, so if you’d like me to post more about that, let me know! 

And, if anyone wants to join me to help me stay accountable, I’d love to hear from you! It takes a village, y’all!


  1. i've never tried it but a lot of my friends have- nutpods are whole30 approved coffee creamer! https://www.nutpods.com/ - you can buy them on amazon! :) good luck with your whole30! it's one of the hardest and most rewarding things i've ever done, ha!

  2. You got this, Sarah! My husband and I did a whole30 last year and for the past couple of months I've felt my body saying, "time for a reset--time for another whole30!" One of my go to recipes was stewed chicken--essentially browning some bone-in chicken in coconut oil (we used our Le Creuset Dutch oven) and then adding cut up veggies (potatoes, peppers, carrots, onions) and putting the chicken on top of all that, adding a cup or more of water and throwing the cover on while it "stews" for about 45 minutes. This one was a go-to and we eat it all the time yet!

  3. man I need to try that, but am so scared to...Good luck! I'll be cheering you on.

  4. I've been interested in Whole 30, so I'm looking forward to your meal plans/recipes!