Under $30 || Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Thursday, May 4, 2017

One of my goals this year is to be better about giving unique gifts. Not clothes, or jewelry. Something different. Something that the person wouldn't buy for them self. 

I'm a procrastinator and I hate just going at the last minute to find something. That's when I end up buying the cliche new blouse or cute necklace. I want to be that person who remembers birthdays and anniversaries and sends cards and a fun gift. I'm not there yet, but I'm working on it.

I was actually on top of my Mother's Day game this year! I can't say what I bought because my mom reads my blog (hi, mom!), but I can tell you I finally didn't just spend money to spend it. 

Above are some really fun finds that would be great for Mother's Day. ALL of them have amazing reviews! You could buy a couple to put together in a gift basket, or, if you're feeling like living on the edge, all of them together is only $158, which I found to be shockingly cheap considering all that you'd get. I'm all about the gift basket concept and this would be one your momma would be talking about for years!

Clockwise from top left:

- Pink Clay - 4.3/5 stars! This clay makes you look 10 years younger! Just kidding, but what lady doesn't love getting new products to try??

- Succulent Tea Light Candles - 4.3/5 stars + #1 Best Seller!! I think I'd buy these just because they're adorable. 

- Bamboo Utensils - 3.7/5 stars! How cute are these? For only $13, everyone could use a utensil revamp. They are perfect for summer gatherings, or to wrap up in a gift basket with some fun dish towels and a bottle of wine. 

- Bath Bombs - 4.8/5 stars!! Honestly, I hate baths, BUT my mom, MIL, and SIL loveeee them. The reviews for these are outstanding. Everyone said they were better/comparable to Lush bath bombs. Never heard of those, but if you're a bath bomb connoisseur, there ya go. 

- Salt and Pepper Grinder - 4.6/5 stars! These would be perfect paired with the Bamboo Utensils, a dish towel, and some wine! How fun to give a momma that loves to be in the kitchen!

- Exfoliating Foot Cream - 4.6/5 stars! I literally would have Chris rub my feet with this stuff any chance I could when I was pregnant. Actually, that's a lie. I beg Chris to rub this on my feet pregnant or not! It's amazing. 

- Diffuser - 4.6/5 stars! For all the oil diffuser lovers and mothers, this one has outstanding reviews! 

- Travel Mug - 4.4/5 stars! I mean, can anyone really have too many traveling mugs? The answer is no.