WIWW: Olive Dress + Link Up

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is a glorified nightgown and I'm not even ashamed about it. Only being (almost!) 5'3", I've never worn dresses that hit me mid-calf...until I tried this one on!

It does come with a tie around the waist, but I'm not a fan of belting my dresses because, again, I have no torso and I'm 5'3".

The lace detail on this dress is a touch that I normally wouldn't be drawn towards, but I love it. I wore this out to a graduation party Saturday night and got so many compliments!

I guess everyone is a fan of nightgowns :)

Happy Wednesday and thanks for linking up!


  1. Loving that olive color! I love dresses that you can just throw on and your outfit is made, just like this one!

  2. It's a gorgeous dress. I love the detail. You will be living in this dress on hot summer days! Looks so cool and comfy.

  3. I love this dress and you styled it perfectly! The color is such a fun color for spring! Great link up! Peace! Cheryl Tucker http://www.northwestmountainliving.com

  4. That is super cute!! I typically stay away from dresses that length too (I'm only 5'4") but it looks SO good on you!

  5. So pretty! Glorified nightgown, but hey, we walk around in yogi pants that double as pj's! It all goes! Looks adorable on you!

  6. This is so cute on you! I don't think I knew that you were the same height as me. I always imagined you to be 5'6"...but the detail on the strap is so cute.