WIWW: Must Have Shorts + Link Up

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

shorts // tank // cuff // ring // sandals // sunglasses
I've told y'all before, but these shorts are quickly becoming my favorite. They are linen material and drawstring, which is perfect for my post baby body. I have three different pairs and I'm contemplating going back for more.  

I also love this tank. I got it in two colors and have already worn them numerous times. You can't go wrong with any of these tees for the price. 

On another note, can we talk about my hair for a minute? I am dying for something new and have an appointment on the 31st, but I'm torn. I love having long hair to throw up in a ponytail, but I hardly ever fix it. And, if I do style it, it goes in a pony at some point because it is just so dang hot. I'm leaning towards this cut and possibly the color, too! If I don't go with that look, then I'm just trimming it and adding lots of layers. Since I'm still taking my prenatal vitamins, my hair is growing like a weed, so I'm not worried about going short. 

What do y'all think I should do?!

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  1. They are the best shorts, aren't they? I just wrote a post about them on Monday (I will link it up here!) They are super cute and so comfortable! And, yes, that hairstyle is adorable! Spring is a time for all things new...I say go for it!


  2. The shorts look fab and sounds tres comfy!! ~ I agree with Shelbee above spring is perfect for change ... and as you mentioned your hair is growing super fast ... go for it girl!!

  3. Loving those shorts, very cute! This is my first time linking up here, so thank you for hosting.
    Rachel xo

  4. My hair was recently this length!! It's SUPER cute, but I just ended up sticking it behind my ears, or twisting the front pieces back every day. And I realized that if you don't have a middle part, your hair is ALWAYS in your face!! (And you seem to part your hair like I do)
    I think you would look great with the cut, but if you're looking for something low maintenance, it's a hard length. Nevertheless, it's a lot of fun (not to mention TOTALLY "in" right now!)


  5. This is such a cute summer look. I love your earrings. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Chop it - that's what all the girls around me are doing, ha! I need to go get mine done too, mine's the length of yours so I can't wait to see what you do with yours because I'm indecisive as well.

  7. Love a great printed short! These are adorable! And hellooooo sexy legs!

  8. Great summery look, love your bracelet bangle. Feel free to stop by my Friday link up and share your style and stories.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  9. OH that cut is super cute! And I love when you find comfy things... that just make you want to get dressed.

  10. Those shorts look perfect for Texas! I definitely think the hairstyle would be so cute on you!

  11. Sarah, I am so glad you're sharing these fantastic little wardrobe pieces! I already ordered the nursing cardigan from your recommendation (one for me, and one for a friend!) and I just ordered 4 pairs of these fantastic shorts... how convenient they are all 50% off right now! Baby boy is due in August, so I'm thinking those shorts will be perfect!

  12. Love that hair, that would be so cute on you and still long enough for a pony!

  13. Those shorts are cute, and your earrings are so pretty too! Your hair is beautiful! I know where you're coming from, though. I'm in the same boat right now, but haven't decided what I want to do with mine. Love the cut you're looking at.