Currently Craving

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

OPI Let's Be Friends! - I've seen this color on several people and I'm obsessed.

Off the shoulder dresses!
- Gap's baby boy clothes gives me all the heart eyes.

- I am literally craving Emporium Pie's Blue Steel pie. YUM.

- Do any of you mamas out there have a recommendation on an affordable jogging stroller? I've been eyeing this one at the recommendation of a friend, but am open to other suggestions. I hate running, but now that G is here, Chris and I are trying to get into it. Trying is the key word :)

- A new pair of aviators are in my future. Mine are all scratched up and in need of retirement.

- Getting back into working out makes me crave new tennis shoes. I am due for a new pair and they truly do help get you motivated! This pair are my favorite!

- These wraparound bikini tops are catching my eye.

What are you currently craving?!


  1. I got my jogging stroller at Kid To Kid. It was a Jeep Brand I believe. It lasted me 3 years. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a brand new one. We ran a during the week and we even used it for a 5K and 10K. I miss those times with my little man.

  2. My friend here in Hawaii is having a little boy and I went with her to GAP...oh my word! I would go broke!!! They have such cute stuff :)

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