One Month With Graham

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Graham turned one month old on Sunday. This month has flown by and he is changing each day. I know this blog has turned into a baby blog, but he is consuming our lives right now! 

Personality: Graham is so cuddly! He is really chill, unless he is hungry. I always think, "Man, you just ate!" and then I realize it has already been two hours. He definitely knows who momma is and has the sweetest smiles when he sleeps.

Weight and Length: 10 lbs 12 oz! Baby boy is a growing machine! He is 21.75 inches long. He is in the 71st percentile for weight and 66th for height. He was 7 lbs 8 oz and 19.25 inches at birth.

Clothes: Still in newborn clothes. Some 0-3 months brands fit, but he has been rotating the same few outfits. We have tons of 3 months outfits, so I'm excited for him to get to that size. 

Diaper size: We are almost out of out newborn diapers, so he wears those during the day and size 1 at night. 

Bottle: Last night we gave him his first bottle and he took it like a champ.

Sleep: G is sleeping in his pack 'n play in our room. He sleeps great, but definitely wakes every 2-3 hours to eat. At night he grunts so loud, so I pick him up, feed him, change him, and right back down he goes. After his 4am (ish) feeding he starts tooting so loud and it takes him forever to go back to sleep, so I usually grab him and let him sleep on my chest until we wake up.

Paci: He is not a fan. We have tried at least five brands and he hates them all! We have caught him finding his thumb, so maybe he won't ever like a paci.

Dogs: The dogs are doing great. Bailey guards him by laying at the feet of whoever is holding him. Wrigley runs to his side when he whimpers or cries. It is adorable!

I have a million more pictures to show y'all, but he just went to sleep. so momma better get some rest!! I will update later with his stats from his appointment!


  1. A month already??!! No such thing as picture overload with this cutie. I think I'm seeing a little of mom on that face but it's so hard to tell with little ones. Are you guys seeing any resemblence? Glad he has been such a great baby. I remember those nursing days but it is so worth it in the beginning to get that milk supply up and going strong!

  2. I'm seriously loving all this chubbiness that is starting to happen...I love that his fur brother and sister are so lovey and protective of him!

  3. I hear the no paci thing is a good thing for some kiddos but then thumb sucking leads to braces. It'll save you money not having to buy them ;)

  4. Woah that was fast! He is just the cutest thing! We figure both my hubby and I had messed up teeth so we're going to have to pay for braces either way. If they can self sooth, I'm all for it!

  5. What a cutie!!! Enjoy those newborn snuggles! :)