Graham || Four Weeks

Friday, April 29, 2016

Guy, I couldn't pick just one picture, sorry!

How is our little guy FOUR weeks old? Four weeks ago our lives changed forever and each day truly gets better.

Here are some things about Graham at four weeks:

- Loves his carseat and going on car rides
- Finally gave momma a four hour stretch last night. We have been on the two hour, round the clock feeding schedule, so I'm happy that he is finally over that...for today at least :)
- Super alert in the mornings from about 6-10am
- Goes down for a nap around 10am each day. He is still in the pack and play in our room, but he is out of sleeping in the Rock 'N Play.
- Goes to sleep between 8-9pm each night. We feed, swaddle, sing, then put him down still slightly awake. The sound machine is still blaring on ocean sound!
- Toots like a grown man
- Loves staring at the ceiling fan
- Smiles in his sleep all the time
- Only cries when he is hungry or when you take too long changing his diaper
- Not a fan of baths. This could be partically becauase Chris and I haven't yet got the hang of it either. Small, wet, squirmy babies are hard to bathe!
- Still in newborn diapers, but size 1 at night.
- Still in newborn clothes, but he is definitely putting on the pounds!
- His nicknames are: buddy boy, Graham Spam, Grammer, partnaaa (Chris), brothaaa (Chris).


Your dad and I are so blessed to call you ours. I can't believe we have had you for FOUR whole weeks! We can't imagine life without you.

You are our greatest accomplishment, buddy boy.



  1. What a cutie!! So are you taking a year off from teaching to stay home?

  2. He is adorable and already changing so much. Love that you are will be soooo glad!

  3. Lol! I can totally hear Chris's voice with those nicknames! Those adorable faces he makes! Him so cute! I love his little chubby cheeks he's getting! A month old already!