Newborn Favorites || Weeks 1 & 2

Thursday, April 21, 2016

We haven't been parents long, but Chris and I are already figuring out Graham's favorite things. It is crazy how something so small can demand what they like and don't like. Lucky for us, G just about puts up with whatever we throw his way, but there are a few things that stand out from the crowd.

Starting from the top left and going clockwise:

- KicKee Pants Layette Gowns: These layette gowns are awesome for night time diaper changes. They are super, super soft and cute enough for G to lounge around in them all day. He is just now fitting in to newborn clothes, so these have been all he has been wearing lately. Also, they have the sleeves that you can turn so they become mittens...does that make sense? That way G doesn't scratch his face while he sleeps.

- Pampers: Can I just rave about the line that indicates a wet diaper? It is so easy to look and see instead of having to guess. Also, G has had some major poops, yet Pampers have managed to keep the mess contained. Well, that is until I change him and he decides to crap all over my hand. He is still in newborn size, but once we start getting more consistent with his changes, we are going to take everyone's recommendation and sign up for Amazon's auto ship, so we never have to run out of diapers!

- Aiden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: It is already hot here in Texas, so these lightweight swaddles are perfect for covering Graham up when he needs just a little extra layer. They also serve great as burp rags, changing mats, and nursing covers. 

- Mittens: G has some sharp nails and we've managed to save his pretty face from scratches by keeping his hands in mitts 99% of the time. We've filed his nails, but they grow back in a day, so we use the mittens as a precautionary measure :)

- The Boppy Lounger: We call this his tanning bed. Since he had jaundice, we spent the first week of his life naked by the window. Well, he was naked. Chris and I were definitely not. He would spend hours just lounging on his boppy in the sun. Now I use it each morning after I feed him. I lay him in it and he stares at the ceiling fan. It is also great as a back pillow while I'm nursing him.

- Sound Machine: Ever since his first week of life we have been sleeping with his sound machine in our room. We have it on the ocean setting and we can tell he is starting to know that when that sound comes on, it is time to go to sleep. I play it when he naps and I turn it off right when he wakes up in the morning, so he really associates it with sleep. Not to mention it helps mom and dad sleep, too!

- Rock 'N Play: This is probably our most used newborn item. G still isn't sure about sleeping flat on his back, so he has been sleeping in this at night. During his naps during the day we have been transitioning him to a flat surface, but in the middle of the night, when you're desperate for sleep, you do whatever works and this has been working. I'm hoping this week he can start sleeping in his pack 'n play so the transition to his crib isn't a shocker for him. 

- HALO Sleep Sack: The hospital put him in one of these right after his first bath. He sleeps in this and his Keke layette gown. I've stopped swaddling his arms because he was just getting pissed when I did. He has been falling asleep much better since I've let his hands free. When his hands were swaddled, he spent the first five minutes fighting to get his hands out and at that point he was really awake again.

What are/were your little one's favorites in their first weeks of life? I'm curious!


  1. Yes to all of these! The Rock-N-Play was a life saver because he hates sleeping on his back. And we use the same sound machine!

  2. Yes to all of these! I especially love the Halo sleepsacks!

  3. I am nodding my head to so many thing on this list!

  4. I'm gonna need your list of must haves a for a new born! We're due in September!