Graham || Three Weeks Old

Friday, April 22, 2016

Can someone bring me a box of tissues while I sob that my buddy boy is THREE weeks old! Y'all mommas were not kidding when you said time flies. I seriously try to stare at him all day just in hopes of not missing anything.

Each day with Graham is better than the last. We are getting into somewhat of a routine. We go on family walks, play with daddy when he gets home from work, wake up at 7:00am no matter when your last feeding was (his internal alarm clock is unreal - says the tired mom), take a long nap in the afternoons, and still love eating every 2.5 to 3 hours.

He is more alert during the days and when he sleeps I just want to wake him up! We have ventured out to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Albertsons, and the McKinney square in the last week. I time it when he has a full belly and he goes right to sleep when we get in the car.

At night he wakes up every 2.5-3 hours by grunting so loud. He doesn't really cry, but his grunts are so funny! I keep him swaddled in his sleepsack and feed him, change his diaper, and put him right back down in his Rock-N-Play.

Overall, I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be. Some days I'm more exhausted than others, but seeing him makes me forget about everything. I've managed to shower everyday and I try to get out of my pajamas by the time Chris gets home form work :)

Happy THREE weeks, Graham man!


  1. Sarah, he is just the CUTEST!! Congrats mama!! :D Cherish every moment

  2. sleepy snuggles!! I love it! that sleepy smirk he totally looks like Chris! Baker was a 'grunter', too. she never really cried until much later. enjoy!

  3. He is just adorable!! Glad things are rolling smoothly

  4. Perfect. He is a doll. Congratulations! We're just over 7 months in over here and it literally feels like 3 weeks some days. It goes by so fast.

  5. How cute is he?! So sweet, and food for you for sleep training and waking him up at 7am, we did the same for our kids right off the bat (except 9am) and still to this day they wake up around 9am (oldest is 5.5!).