Graham || One Week Old

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

As you can tell, most of my posts for the coming weeks will probably be baby filled. I'm sure my blog will get back to other topics, but, for now, my life is all things Graham. 

He is 19 days old today, so these are a little old. I love documenting the weeks when he is so young because he really does change a little each day! My momma heart wants time to stop!

At one week old he loves:

- staring at his momma's face

- the ocean setting on the sound machine

- getting his hair washed

- riding in the car

He doesn't like:

- having his hands and arms swaddled

- getting his diaper changed. He doesn't mind sitting his a dirty diaper, but I just can't let him do that!

- any pacifier. We've tried them all and he makes the funniest face when we try to give it to him. He literally cringes. Luckily, he has been really great without one.

Overall our little guy is really chill. When he is hungry he starts grunting. At night I don't even pull him all the way out of his sleep sack to change him and he usually stays fast asleep. He loves cuddling in the mornings and sleeping in the crook of his daddy's arm.

I can't wait to see how he changes, but at the same time, someone please stop time!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. SO SO cute! happy for you and your beautiful bundle of joy!

  2. Cutie pie!! Love his little facial expressions!

  3. He is a doll. He is just beautiful. Congratulations!

  4. Give me all of the baby pictures, just keep them coming! He is just so sweet! My son loved the ocean sounds too, and a ridiculous noise level I might add.

  5. know you get the sweet, calm one first. haha He's a doll.

  6. He's so cute! I say keep him unswaddled! They like to explore with their hands and arms. I just hate seeing babies swaddled. There's so many negatives to doing it. Follow his cue. Best wishes.