What To Pack || Hospital Bag

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

If you are a new mom like me, you have no idea what you will need when you are in the hospital delivering your little one. I scoured blogs and Pinterest rounding up what others considered the essentials for your hospital stay. In true blogger fashion, I've come up with my take on what was really needed in my hospital bag.

But, before I start, I should disclose that my hospital provided all the nitty gritty essentials like the pads, padsicles, squirt bottle, mesh undies, etc. I was given an unlimited (obviously I'm paying for it) amount of whatever I needed as far as those essentials were concerned. They also provided me with a big cup for my water and Chris and I each were provided three meals a day.

1. An extension cord to plug in your phone. This was key because there wasn't a plug close to my bed, so I was able to have my phone by me at all times for unlimited picture taking and time checking :)

2. Nursing tank and maternity leggings. I stayed in the hospital gown until I showered and then I changed. Some people like pajama pants, but having the full panel support on my belly felt good.

3. Your own pillows. I didn't bring mine, but I had my mom bring them to me the day after I had G. The hospital pillows are no bueno. Also bring a pillow and blanket for your spouse.

4. A small fan. Chris and I can't sleep without a fan and it helped drown out the hospital noise.

5. Snacks. We were provided three full meals a day, but since you're up all night, you need something in those wee hours of the morning.

6. Chapstick.

7. Your own makeup and toiletries. I'm happy we brought our own shower items because the hospital only had the "all in one" soap which is not truly all in one and I'd need the whole container just to wash my hair.

8. Your own towel. Theirs is paper thin.

9. House shoes or shoes you can slip on. You are in a lot of pain, so you won't be wanting to bend over.

10. A headband and hair ties. Having long hair and being someone who wears their hair back 99% of the time, I knew I wasn't interested in fixing my hair. But, a cute head band made me feel slightly more done up.

11. A camera. We left ours in the car the whole time, but I'd recommend bringing in a real camera. We just never got around to getting it out of the car. Hundreds of iPhone pictures for the win!

Things you don't need:

- Reading material. You're either laboring or staring at your new baby, so thinking you'll be bored enough to whip out a magazine is a joke.

- Pads or panties. This is specific for my hospital, but I know not all hospitals provide these things.

- Your own hospital gown. I'd definitely say labor and give birth in the hospital gown because hello bodily fluids, but if you want your own gown after you give birth then that would be fine.

- Multiple changes of clothes. You aren't there that long and you're just laying around, so several changes of clothes isn't necessary. I didn't even change to go home because we live 10 minutes away and the effort to change was not on my priority list.

- Many people asked me if I had a push playlist and the answer was no. I had been up for 27 hours by the time G was born, so you could have been playing the worst music ever and I wouldn't have even noticed. Our hospital did have hookups for different devices, but, like I said with the reading material, we were either sleeping or staring at our new baby.

What items did you bring?!


  1. Loved this read for someone who is in the family planning stages and hoping to be a new mom sometime in the future! PS that picture is ADORABLE. I mean seriously. So peaceful, and those cheeks!! :)

  2. I didn't take my nursing pillow (boppy) and I wish I would have. My child is 6 now and I can't remember anything else. LOL!!

  3. This is an excellent list! We took a surge protector as well to have multiple plugs for my phone, his phone, anything else I'm forgetting?

  4. The fan idea is genius!! I can't sleep without the sound of a fan. I am so glad you mentioned this!! I am 26 weeks and starting to make a list on my phone. Thank you!