Reality vs. Myth || After Baby

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Now that Graham is almost two months old (whatt?!) I feel like I can clearly wrap my head around the things people told me for sure would happen, and the things that truly did (and are currently) happen.

When you're pregnant, and then become a mom, people give you all kinds of advice and have thoughts and opinions on everything. The "wait until you're a mom" statements came at me left and right. Luckily, I am really good at taking things with a grain of salt and not getting offended.

Here are somethings people said, and then my experience.

- You'll never have time to shower. I feel like this is sooo false. Maybe it will be harder when he becomes mobile, but for now, where is he going to go while I shower? I just wait until he naps, or even if he is fussy, and set him in his Rock 'N Play right outside the shower. He isn't going to escape! And, if he starts crying, well, crying never hurt a baby and I'm not at the spa, so he can wait for five minutes. Luckily, G loves the sound of the shower, but in all honesty I shower when Chris is home (most of the time). When he was really newborn, it was so easy to shower because newborns sleep so much! So, for those moms to be out there, don't worry, you will shower!

- You'll become a huge germaphobe. Nope! I've never been a germaphobe. Chris, on the other hand, is a total germaphobe, but has gotten better since Graham arrived. We can't shelter him from the world and germs forever! We went out to a restaurant when he was six days old, Starbucks at one week old, and Target numerous times. I don't let people touch him, but I'm not paranoid about it.

- You'll never sleep. This is true and not true. You do sleep, just in a few hour increments. Now that we are eight weeks in, my body is adjusted to functioning off of naps, not long periods of sleep. There has (knock on wood!) only been one night that Graham woke up ready to party at 2:00am. After nursing him and trying to rock him back to sleep, he wasn't having it, so Chris took him in the living room while I slept until 6:30am. I woke up in a panic and ran out in the living room. Chris informed me that G had just fallen asleep after he gave him a bottle, so I could go back to sleep. I fell back asleep until 7:30am and then let Chris go in the room where he slept until 11:30am. My biggest advice is what everyone says...sleep when the baby sleeps. Whether it be for ten minutes or two hours, sleep!

- You, as mama, just know. SO TRUE. I never knew how a baby could be fussy and then the mom picks it up and silence...until I became a mom. And, I will tell you, it is the BEST feeling ever. Graham is super cuddly, so when he wants me, it melts my heart! A few weekends ago I could tell he was getting overstimulated from being passed around way too much and the moment I grabbed him, he passed out in my arms. Mama knows!

So, what advice or saying have you been told that have been proven true, or not true?!

And, a post wouldn't be a post without some baby #GrahamSpam.


  1. Great advice! ;) And those milk shorts are so adorable!

  2. Sounds like you're finding your way just perfectly!! xo

  3. It’s been so fun seeing little G grow so much! Mine is just one month ahead of you and I couldn’t agree more with all the advice and what’s actually ringing true for you. I’ve never had a problem taking a shower and adjusting to only sleeping a few hours at a time is for sure the truth. I highly recommend a Wubbanub for soothing as Greyson loves his. There’s times where I swap from breastfeeding to the pacifier without him even noticing. Your boobs will thank you ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, he's precious! Thanks for sharing your advice :)

  5. This is all so true! It's important to remember that each experience is different for each Mom/baby, so good for you for pointing that out. I'm with you on all of these too ;) And, congrats on your beautiful boy!

  6. LOVE all these. Especially the showering one. I feel like when they're not mobile showering, shopping, and even eating out is so much easier than when they learn they can move :) Graham is adorable.

  7. Look at that little tubster! Sounds like you are a well rounded girl Sarah...I never had trouble with any of these things either. I will say that as you add more kids some of these become a little more true but showering was not an option for me...I don't function well until I'm somewhat dressed!

  8. I love this post! As a first time mom to be it can be overwhelming to hear everyone's opinions!! Thanks for sharing your experience :)