Friday Favorites: Work it Out

Friday, November 14, 2014

With the holidays approaching, everyone gears up for their New Year's resolution. The number one ranked New Year's resolution is consistently to lose weight. 

If you ask any female what the thing is that gets them motivated to workout, nine times out of ten it has nothing to do with their actual weight; its all about workout clothes.

Nothing motivates someone more than fresh new running shoes or workout clothes. Let's be real, most people wear these items to a lot of places other than the gym, but at least putting the workout clothes on is a step in the right direction.

new balance
crop pants
nike tennis shoes
checkered pants


  1. I was just thinking to myself that I have got to sign up for the gym. I keep trying to say that I can just workout at home but it never happens. Maybe if I had some cute workout clothes that would help....right?! Happy Friday friend.

  2. I'm totally on the "let's get fit" train ... that I seem to fall off of every other day. But this time I have a trip to Ireland to keep in mind! I'm hoping that I'm in better shape by New Years so that I can make a resolution that I actually might keep this year. ;)

  3. Man, I love new work out clothes. And that beanie!

  4. I did a work out post Wednesday too. Check it out at Loving my new NB kicks.

  5. Yes to it all! Especially that super cute hat :)