20 Things About Me

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1. Three Things I Love

I figure that Chris, our family, our life, and our dogs are a given, so I'll say coffee ice cream, tennis shoes, and summer break.

2. Something I really, really want.

A Range Rover. Not even kidding. I'm taking donations now :)

3. One thing I've lied about.

I always tell my kids I know the answer to a question when I really have to go back to my desk and Google it...is that lying, or just really strategic teaching?

4. Something I'm good at.

Giving honest opinions. I don't have a poker face, at all.

5. How I feel right now.

Squished. I've got one dog's face on my lap, the other dog smashed up against me, and a husband weaseled in between all of us. My throat is also really scratchy and one of my kids went home today complaining of their throat hurting and another teacher just got over strep, sooo...fingers and toes crossed.

6. Three things that annoy me.

When people don't text/call you back, but they've posted on their social media 500 times. 
When you think a meal is going to turn out great and blah.
One uppers. Okay, you win, your horse is bigger.

7. My favorite photo. Engagement story here.

8. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy that Range Rover I've been wanting, pay off Chris's truck, pay off our house (possibly a new one), buy both our parent's houses/pay them off, invest a bunch, and travel.

9. Where would your dream holiday be?

Thanksgiving - At the Macy's Day Parade.
Christmas - NYC, ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza.

10. Baths or showers?

Showers, always. I get way to hot in the bath. Plus, it's so boring just laying there. 

11. The longest I've gone without sleep is...

The night I graduated high school when we had Project Graduation. My whole grade went to my parent's bowling alley (that they owned at the time) and there were tons of activities set up for us. I was up for about 20 hours straight. Weak sauce, I know.

12. Favorite birthday I can remember...

Probably all the years I went to the Magic Time Machine and every year my friends and I would dress up like princesses. 

13. Have you every accidentally injured someone?

Yup! I accidentally broke my best friend's toe.

14. Can you do 10 revolutions of a hula hoop?

Nope. Not a chance in h-e-double hockey sticks. My hips don't lie...they don't move that well.

15. At what age did you find out Santa wasn't real?

At whatever age I got sick on Christmas Eve (maybe 7?) and ran to the bathroom throwing up and then saw my parents eating Santa's cookies. 

16. Do you know any identical twins?

Yes! We have four sets of twins in 5th grade right now and one set I can't tell apart for the life of me. Literally, I mix them up everyday. 

17. The last time I went to the beach was...

The summer of 2013 when we went to Gulf Shores.

18. Have you ever starred in a school play?

Yup, and it was awful. I had a singing part (I can't sing) and the girl I sung with decided she would get her extensive dental work done that day. Yes, you're thinking right, I had to sing both parts. So embarrassing. 

19. Have you ever bought a present for someone that they hated?

I once bought Chris a cardigan. Fail.

20. How did you get your name?

It was my great-grandmother's name and my middle name, Elizabeth (original!), is my aunt's name. 


  1. That is the cutest photo! And I love #3, that is too funny!


  2. haha this is awesome! I love that you google answers in the classroom. that sounds smart to me!

  3. Love that first photo, your make-up looks perfect. Dream holiday revision, watch Macy's Day parade from hotel room over looking parade route from a balcony...then you can go to the bathroom when you want, but still get the chill from being outside or go inside to warm up and still watch the parade. The longest I've gone without sleep...finals senior year of college, big project was due and I think I was up for 30 hours, but my new longest is when I had my son and was up for 36 hours, that was rough.

  4. One uppers & people who don't get back to you yet they're all over social media-- UGH! Right there with you girlfriend! That picture of your engagement is SO cute :) And what a traumatic Santa's-not-real experience!!

  5. Love this so much!! The meal fail happened to us last night...sooo annoying! Good thing there is always pizza! And you better not go on your dream holidays without me cause I've always always said I wanted to be at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and ice skate by the tree at Rockefeller Center!!

  6. Totally agree about people not texting back but being all over everywhere else! So annoying! Loved reading more about you - the pictures are cute!


  7. I can't believe I just read your proposal story! So sweet! And #3 is definitely strategic teaching!

  8. This whole post made me giggle. I love learning new things about you although the cardigan for Chris made me laugh the most. I can just see him trying to be sweet about it.... haha And the fact that y'all have that many sets of twins is insane. Happy Thursday eve! :)

  9. haha, you had my cracking up towards the end with your double hockey sticks, extensive dental work timing, and cardigan fail. lol!! But lordy, do I agree with you on your dislikes! Call backs, I'm fine because I've realized some people are just talkers, even though it's the best way to get the conversation completed, but call me old fashion, w/e. But at least TEXT back. Especially when you're with them and they are GLUED to that phone, you gotta know that's happening when you're not around. geez. & the good 'ole one uppers. Why, why is that necessary? After awhile I just don't tell them anything, & when they find out stuff about me, they are always quick to go, "why didn't you tell me!?" ummm... really? lol