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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Welcome to The Lovely Lookbook, a monthly link up to share your style and find outfit inspiration!

Our goal for The Lovely Lookbook is to help women of all shapes, sizes, and styles share their looks and find new outfits based on the theme of the month.

For each Lovely Lookbook, Sarah and I will share our height and the size of clothing we’re wearing as a reference to help show you how to dress your body.

We hope you’ll join us! We want you to share your style to inspire others, and if you’re trying to figure out your style, we want to help you look and feel amazing in your own skin and clothing!
November's Lovely Lookbook features stripes, and here are our looks:

Striped Dress 007

Striped Dress 024

Sarah paired her striped dress with a jacket, which defines her waist (always a great idea if you're wearing horizontal stripes!) and makes her look taller by creating a top and bottom half visually. The dark stripes and heels make the light colored jacket and statement necklace pop. It's such a visually interesting outfit I can't stop staring at it. (I promise I'm not a creeper! :))

Sarah’s dress is a medium and her jacket is a small. She’s 5’3″.

I wore a lot of striped looks in the 31 Days, 31 Ways Remix we just wrapped up at Greater Than Rubies. My favorite was this final look: a white button up, striped jacket, dark wash jeans, and leopard flats. Fancy-casual, if you will. Stripes are a great pattern mixing candidate, especially a pinstripe. From far away it reads as a solid, so it's perfect for pairing with leopard, floral, or dots. (Really any pattern you like!)

  Greater Than Rubies   Greater Than Rubies

My button up is a small from Old Navy, the jacket is a small from Marshall's, and the pants are a hand me down from Gap, size 4. My shoes were on crazy clearance at the Cole Haan Outlet ($50 down from almost $200.) Don't you love a deal like that?! Oh! And I’m 5’11.

So there you have it, two striped looks for two different body types. Let’s see yours! Oh! And a little reminder from us to y'all! We wear all kind of sizes to make sure we can get the fit of things right. Every designer’s sizing is different. No one else sees the size on the tag, and if the items fit, all they notice is that you look put together! Don't be held captive to a size.

A quick reminder of how The Lovely Lookbook will work: The link up begins on the 1st of every month. So, on the 1st, visit Greater Than Rubies or Tucker Up to link up your styled item. 

We want you to share your style and/or find inspiration from how others styled their looks. Feel free to link up as many looks as you’d like. If you wear stripes every day for the next two weeks and want to link up each one, awesome. Just one? Perfect. If you aren’t a blogger, feel free to just stop by for some inspiration!

The link up will run for two weeks (today’s closes on November 14th).

 Also, from the 1st through the 14th, you can vote for the next month’s topic. (Starting today, you’ll vote for December's.) On the 15th of every month, we’ll do a recap post and announce the following month’s theme. 

All we ask is that you link your post(s) back to both of our blogs (Tucker Up and Greater Than Rubies) or grab our buttons from our sidebars. You don’t have to follow us, or give us your first born child to participate. :)

If you Instagram, you can use the hashtag #thelovelylookbook to share your style for all to see (or get people to vote for the theme you want next month!) and follow us @TheLovelyLookbook if you like!

We’re so excited about this opportunity to showcase a bunch of different ways that women style items they already own! Now link up those stripes, browse for inspiration, and cast your vote! What do you want to wear and see styled for the December 1 Lovely Lookbook? PS We are having trouble finding a poll that works across Wordpress and Blogger. If you know of one, please let us know!

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