Thursday, June 30, 2016

As you can tell, my blogging is very sporadic. To be honest, I feel like I don't have much to talk about other than my baby. We have no house projects going on, I'm not cooking anything exciting, my exercise routine is still the same, I haven't been shopping due to trying to get G on a napping schedule, I hardly ever dress up because it is a thousand degrees here and I have no place to get the point. So what does one do when they have nothing to blog about? They blog...about nothing.

Because I need a prompt, I'm going with "Currently..."

Here we go:

- Currently: In shock that tomorrow I have a THREE month old. Where has time gone? Those pictures above are from when he was three days old. (Crying emoji here!)

- Currently eating: I've been trying to shape up my post-baby-bod, so I've been trying to stick to sweets only on the weekends. But, I bought that new Halo Top ice cream and it isn't that bad! Now, it isn't my beloved Braum's or Blue Bell, but I only have a couple bites and then I put it away. It satisfies my cravings and is apparently not too bad for you. This guy ate it for 10 days straight and the results are pretty crazy.

- Currently wearing: THESE SHORTS (only $8-11!)!! Literally I wear one of my three pairs every. single. day. The drawstring and linen material is super light and comfy for summer. And, hello, elastic waist.

- Currently dreaming: About Napa! Chris and I went two years ago and it was so dreamy and I am so excited to be going and actually staying in Napa instead of San Francisco.

- Currently listening to: HOLY by Florida Georgia Line. Literally I cry every time I hear it. #hormones

- Currently watching: All things reality: Famously Single, The Bachelorette, RHOC, Kardashians, name it, I'm watching it. I've been recording any and every show I think I might be interested in because I spend an absurd amount of time on the couch nursing G and it is always nice to have something to watch.

- Currently wanting: A black one piece. There are so many cute options!


  1. Those baby toes. All the heart eyes. And yes to that song. I'm obsessed

  2. Awww, baby. I love these currently posts, so feel free to keep posting them :)