A Solo Road Trip With a 2 Month Old

Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm back after unintentionally taking the week off from blogging. My free time is limited these days and during the little free time I have, I have to decide if I want to shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, eat, do laundry, blog, etc. As you can imagine, personal hygiene sometimes take priority :)

Anyways, last week Chris had to go to Connecticut for a conference. The conference was at a really nice casino just outside Hartford. He invited Graham and I to go, but we agreed that travelling with a two month old to a casino wasn't how I'd prefer to spend my time. Instead, I decided to head to the Hill Country to introduce Graham to a bunch of people he hadn't met yet!

Tuesday morning we set off for an approximate 4.5 hour drive to my parents. I knew G wouldn't be able to make it the whole way, so my goal was to get to Austin and stop at my aunt's house so she could meet him. 

75 miles in we had to make our first stop. Graham was livid and so I pulled into a Taco Bell and fed him. We were stopped for about 30 minutes and then hit the road again. I was able to make it 3 miles away from my aunt's house before he started losing it again. Thank God!

We visited with her for a little over an hour and then it was another hour to my parent's. G was a little fussy, but thankfully we made it without any lip quivering crying. (Isn't the lip quiver the worst?! Ugh! It rips my heart out every time!)

All week we had people I wanted G to meet. From his great-grandma to some of my former teachers, G met lots of new people! It was also so nice to spend time with my family and have the extra help.

Friday morning we loaded back up, said a prayer for a smooth trip, and headed back to Dallas. Once again, about an hour in G lost it. I knew he wasn't hungry, but I pulled over and fed him just a little. He spit it all back up, all over me and the car, so I knew he was just crying because he was tired. I rocked him a little and then put him back in his car seat and set out again. About five more minutes in he lost it, but I was in the middle of Austin and was not stopping, so I pushed on. Thankfully he settled in and slept just about THE WHOLE WAY! 

I was praying the whole time for him to let me get to the north side of Dallas so we wouldn't get caught in Friday rush hour traffic and he ended up only fussing a couple times. God definitely answered my prayers! 

All in all, traveling alone with a baby and two dogs wasn't terrible at all! There is definitely some anxiety because you don't have that other person there to get in the back seat to help calm the baby, but we made it! 

Here are some pictures from our week!


  1. So awesome that he got to meet lots of family and friend and that the ride was relatively smooth...at least only one stop per...that's great!

  2. Aww mom he just wanted you to be sure you hasn't forgotten about him ;) I'm glad you got the trip in!

  3. Awww....such precious pictures with your family! When I had my 3rd we were constantly on the road for baseball and soccer with the bigs and it was crazy how much he was nursed on the road! Graham is just getting so big...adorable!