Graham || 2 Months

Thursday, June 23, 2016

In true Mom fashion, I am really late on posting these. And, if I'm being honest, I really, really wanted to do something different than the kid in the chair each month, but my creative juices are gone because there is only so much you can come up with on such little sleep.

Graham was born on April 1st, so this two month post is 23 days late, but I'd rather document it than not.

Nicknames: G, G-unit, G-baby, G-man, Buddy boy, buddy, bub, bubba, bubs, Spam, Spammer, Grammarrrr

Weight: At his two month checkup he was 14lbs 7oz which landed him in the 93 percentile. 

Clothes Size: 3-6 months

Diaper Size: 2

Likes: He finally likes baths! He also loves getting lotion put on after his baths. He now is a fan of his play mat and he still enjoys tummy time. He loves when I get him up from a nap, change his diaper, and he is so happy in the mornings. He is still a fan of his car seat and car rides. He loves his swing and when his daddy gets home from work.

Dislikes: He is not a fan of being held in the traditional baby hold. He wants to be up and seeing what the world has to offer. He also doesn't like waiting for his food (always my fault, ha!). He doesn't like being left alone in a room and he always lets out a scream when he is about to do his business.

New stuff: He laughed for the first time!! It happened on our anniversary and Chris and I both looked at each other like, "did that just happen?!" He also throws a fit randomly now. He loves getting his diaper changed, but twice now, he has started crying sooooo where I'm panicking thinking he is hurt somewhere, and right when I pick him up he stops. Already manipulating me! He is all about his hands and is constantly sucking on them or looking at them. He is a drooling machine and constantly has spit bubbles. 

Schedule: Finally, he has been sleeping about 6-8 hours a night. We put him down around 9:30pm and he usually sleeps until 4-5am. It is glorious, but I was reminded of those late night feeds as he decided to wake up at 2am just the other night. Boo! But, for the most part, he is sleeping much longer at night.

On the flip side, his daytime naps only last 30 MINUTES ON THE DOT. Someone please tell me this is just a phase. Literally it is crazy how I'll look at the monitor at 28 or so minutes and he is sound asleep and then 30 minutes hits and he is UP. I've tried rocking him back to sleep, shushing him, letting him whine for 5 minutes, feeding him then laying him back down, and NOTHING has worked. Luckily, when I get him up (because he refuses to go back to sleep) he is really, really happy! We are doing the eat, play, sleep routine, but the sleep is lacking :)

Milestones: He now 100% recognizes his mama and LET ME TELL YOU...there is NOTHING better! He smiles at me all day long and I've got the biggest googly eyes for him. He is such a happy boy and definitely becoming a mama's boy! He recognizes daddy, too! Daddy just loves to give him tons of sugars all over his face and G isn't too sure about his beard.

Other milestones: Lots of talking a cooing. He will push up while we hold his hands. His head control is really good and he whips that head back and forth like he is watching a basketball game! You can see his laughing here. He definitely knows who Chris and I are and is such a smiley and happy boy!

Looking forward to: Just continuing to watch him grow! He has new hair growth and each day his coos are louder and more frequent. I'm looking forward to longer sleep stretches (before the 4 month regression...) and just watching our boy grow!

Dear Graham,

This last month with you has been so fun! You are such a smiley baby and content 95% of the time. When you smile at your Dad and I, we melt!! Your talking and coos are the cutest and you're obsessed with the sign we hung right by your changing table. You've started noticing Wrigley and Bailey and I'm sure y'all will become the best of friends. I would love it if you napped longer than 30 minutes, but I secretly love when you're awake. This time with you being so small is flying by and I miss you when you sleep!!

Know that I love you more than I can ever explain!!



  1. He's so cute! And how lucky was his timing? As soon as your maternity leave was up, school was out for the summer wasn't it? So two extra months with your new baby! (Assuming you're going back to work in the fall.)

  2. So cute! And I went through the same with mine son, he did this 30 minute thing...In the book Baby Wise, it actually has a chapter on this, although theirs is a 45 minute nap, but it goes through it, I referred to that chapter many times when I thought it would never end!

  3. These pix of him laughing....oh so adorable!!