White Jeans Four Ways

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

There is always an awkward time between spring and summer where it is too chilly for a dress, but jeans just feel too heavy. Hence why my white jeans have been on repeat week after week.

Being a (retired!! ha!) teacher and mom, I've got a lot of questions from readers on my instagram about how I keep my jeans so white. Most people have commented saying they are scared to wear them because they will get dirty and my answer to that is...

Yes, they will get dirty, but they are just jeans. The washing machine is a great invention and I do have to wash mine after I wear them, even just to church. No matter the amount of time I wear them, Graham manages to help me get them dirty. But, like I said, they are just jeans!

After not shopping for a year, I've learned that clothes are so replaceable. Even your most-favoritest-bestest-comfiest jeans ever are replaceable. 

Here are four ways to style white jeans:


  1. White jeans are so good for this time of year! But I hear you on the dirty part...I always have to wash mine after one wear as well!


    1. I've totally given up on trying to keep them clean, hah!