An Internet Success Story

Monday, June 26, 2017

This whole blogging world is crazy.

At the beginning of the year, Amie reached out to me to make her a couple signs and from there, we've become fast friends. She has a son a little older than Graham, so, as any mom knows, you instantly bond with other moms going through your season of life.

In May, her, her husband, and their son were in Texas, so we finally got to meet in person. After lunch together, we learned that her husband had actually applied to the fire department here and he would be coming back in June to test. I suggested that her and Cash tag along and stay with us!

Chris thought I was nuts, and I am! My house is always open to others and Amie and Anthony took us up on our offer and it was the best few days with them!

Thursday we had the best lazy day, It was so nice having people here who are okay with just relaxing. The boys played and then we went to the square for dinner.

Friday we went to the splash pad, lunch at Fuzzy's, then had pizza for dinner. Saturday it was rainy. We planned on going to the square for breakfast, but decided to stay in and make pancakes! It was perfect! We were all so lazy and it was wonderful! Saturday afternoon Amie, myself, and the little guys went backkk to the square so I could show Amie all the shops! She fell in love, as everyone does.

The flew back to Arizona Saturday night and we were sad without all the chaos :)

Chris and Anthony couldn't believe Amie and I had met online and how well we got along. We declared this an internet success story!


  1. Love this!! I've done this now (twice!) and it's worked out so wonderfully!

  2. How fun - do you know if they are moving down there?

  3. Love reading your blog but you have several grammatical errors - which is disappointing since you are a teacher! It is not "... her, her husband, and their son ..." - it's she, her husband, ...
    There is another error with usung her instead of she.