Chris's Bachelor Commentary

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

If I were the bachelorette, this would be me bossing all the men around. Come back tomorrow to get the details on this outfit!!
First off, did you hear the news?! I'm so excited!! It is a semi spoiler alert that I just happened to run into, but it is VERY public, so I don't think I'm spoiling it for many...anyways, click here if you're like me and can't resist temptation. No, it does not tell you who the winner is!

When Vanessa says that she loves Nick - What?! It's been three weeks!

Babe, no offense, if that was me and she was you, I'd make you wipe off your lipstick before I shuged you. You know that I don't like lipstick!

After Nick basically told Vanessa he wasn't going to tell her he loved her - She did not like to hear that...

Awwwweee, you're breakin' mi corazon....

Would you fight for me? Or would you be like, "Whatever girls."

Babe, you're not writing my quotes down, are you?

There's no way he ends up with Kristina. 

Gosh, these girls are brainwashed. They act so flubby-dubby (?)

When Corinne is talking to Nick on the 3 on1 - You think her emotions are real, bear?

When Corinne and Kristina are left sitting on the couch after Raven and Nick leave - Haaaa haaaaaa, silly girls! 

When Nick and Danielle play basketball - You wouldn't have to worry about me playing some basketball because I'd crush some kids in some HORSE. 

Asking me what kind of drink I think Nick and Danielle are drinking - Babe, if I was the bachelor doing all of this, I'd always order a Coke!


  1. I'm cracking up on this picture....I can't help but laugh when my kids catch me being "bossy" in a picture. Chris is too funny....I can only imagine the things Keith would say!

  2. hahahaha! I'm playing catch up on the past few weeks episodes right now...girls be cray. I am so excited for Rachel to be The Bachelorette, I just hope she doesn't get sucked in to all the weird drama the whole Bachelor/ette atmosphere creates. she seems too "normal" for this! haha!