Gifts For Your Guy Under $50

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'd by lying if I said I like Valentine's day. To me, you should love people every single day of the year! Why all of a sudden buy expensive flowers and go out of your way?

Chris and I have a rule that if we are going to buy one another a gift, it better have a purpose. No more just buying stuff to buy stuff! We have enough c-r-a-p floating around.

Here are 7 gifts that are actually useful:

- Floral Tie: Every man needs a good tie. And this one has a fun floral pattern that is so trendy right now. C'mon ladies, make your man trendy! (I actually showed Chris this and he said it looks like his grandma's old couch...looks like he won't be getting this from me!)

- All-Over-Wash: We all know men like ease and this all-over-wash has raving reviews!

- V-Neck Sweater: If your man is like mine then you are the one buying all their clothes. V-Necks are casual and comfy and most men would actually wear this.

- Lounge Pants: Do I need to explain why these are a must-gift? Who doesn't like to be comfy?

- Amazon Echo: THIS IS A MUST BUY! Seriously, if you haven't gotten your man one of these, it is the best $50 you will ever spend. Not only will it keep them occupied and out of your hair, but Alexa is actually really helpful!

- Travel Kit: Most guys have one of these, but they never change them out. That's a problem because they become gross, because men are gross. Check yo' man's travel kit. If it needs to be refreshed, this one is perfect.

- Vineyard Vines Tee: Need I say more? You're gifting your man a tee shirt that he has permission to wear in public. No holes. No pit stains. He should love you forever for this gift.

- Facial Fuel: First off, Kiehl's is the best. Secondly, Chris is always slapping hand lotion onto his face wondering why it is always dry. I try to explain that your face needs different moisturizer, so guess who is getting some facial fuel? Mr. Tucker himself! It has great reviews, so I'm guessing he'll love it!


  1. We have an Alexa and she is helpful but then very scatterbrained at times. Try asking her some inappropriate questions if you need a laugh ;)

  2. We love Alexa! Our little enjoys trying to tell her to play his songs, too which is so funny to watch!