27 Things You Didn't Know About Me + WIWW Link Up

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Today is my birthday! I had jury duty, but I got dismissed, so I'm celebrating with my kiddos at school!

In honor of my 27th birthday, here are 27 things you might not know about me.

1. I always dreamed of being a neonatologist, but then in high school I realized I hated science, so that wasn't going to work.

2. My braces got ripped off my a blanket a month before I was supposed to get them taken off. Long story short, my friend ripped a blanket away from me and as it was being pulled, somehow the blanket caught onto one of my brackets and ripped them all off. And, no, it didn't hurt.

3. Every year at summer camp we would have to swim a mile in the lake. Yes, it is as hard as it sounds. But, it was the best. camp. ever.

4. I eat cereal for dinner at least three nights a week.

5. I can't drink V8 because it looks like blood.

6. Going to the beach is probably my least favorite type of vacation. I need to be doing something!

7. My first car got totaled by my guy friend who was borrowing it to take a girl on a date. My dad wasn't mad at all. I think his exact words were, "Well, kids are stupid. As long as everyone is okay, the car can be replaced."

8. I once had the dog named Tommy that I got for my (maybe?) 8th birthday. And, on that same day, my friend and I were in the bed of the truck (we lived in the country) when my dad ran Tommy over. It was traumatizing.

9. In 1st grade I got blamed for putting gum in a girl's hair and I truly didn't do it. I was a goodie-goodie, so it devastated me.

10. In 8th grade my teacher would give us Gobstoppers when we got questions right. There were only five girls in the whole class, so we'd always sneak them when she'd leave the room. One day I choked on them because I had shoved so many in my mouth and we all got caught.

11. I cannot stand the sound of people chewing their nails. It is THE worst.

12. If I was a millionaire, I'd have a personal masseuse follow me around and give me massages on demand.

13. Black coffee is the worst. Give me all the creamer.

14. I always try to eat healthier, but salads are just the worst.

15. Chips are something that I can't live without.

16. Shy is not how people describe me.

17. I'm 5'3".

18. I'm the least germaphobic person, ever. I married the biggest germaphobe ever.

19. I'd rather drink a Coke than any form of alcohol any day.

20. My pet peeve is people who think they're fat when they're not. Live and be happy. No complaining about how you look. If you don't like it, change it!

21. Reality tv is the best.

22. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable.

23. Sometimes I'm too honest; brutally honest.

24. Pranks are my favorite. I'm convinced that I'm a 27 year child.

25. New York City is my most favorite place on earth.

26. I want 4 kids. Chris says we will talk after 3.

27. This year I'm trying to slow down and say 'no' more. The end of last year was exhaustingly busy and I'm looking forward to what this year brings!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy birthday!!! What a fun list!!

  2. We are separated by 20 years (of course I'm still 28 in my mind) but I so feel we have a kindred spirit! Plus we could totally share chips and salsa and double dip while being totally honest with each other. haha Happy Birthday!

  3. The braces thing may not have hurt you but the thought of it makes me cringe!! Happy birthday, yay for no jury duty!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog and today is my birthday also. Ironic!

    1. Really!? What a great day to be born :))

      Thanks for reading!!

  5. So fun! Happy birthday! Loved the gobstopper fact! :)

    1. Soooo embarrassing. "Straight A student gets caught with 50 gobstoppers in her mouth..." Ugh!

  6. Happy birthday, lady! Love these kinda posts- #2 made me cringe, #4 is definitely me during my husbands busy season every year, and YES to #12!

  7. Happy Belated birthday! I'm also a huge broccoli fan and I dislike the beach for vacation. I need to be on the move exploring not sitting on my butt haha.