Monday Favorites

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Monday! Even though I have to go to school today, we don't have any kids, so that's a day off in my book! Things have been pretty quiet around here, but I am loving a few things lately.

1. All the nursery signs I'm making for expectant mommas. Seeing other mom's visions for their baby's nurseries is so fun! This special momma couldn't be cuter!

2. Graham is starting to get curls in the back and I'm smitten. Chris is ready to chop his hair off, but I'm demanding we wait until he is one. 

3. Seriously, my favorite things right in this picture. I swear I was born to be a boy mom, so if one day God gives us a girl, I can't imagine how these two boys will react. They are so precious!

4. Thanks for all the prayers for my dad. He is not able to work or drive for two weeks, so him and my mom decided to come up and visit us. We are all pretty excited they are here!

5. This B.B. cream is still my favorite. 

6. This manicure kit is worth itself in gold. It is amazing!

Happy Monday! 


  1. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your family this weekend! That's a pretty good way to pass the time :)

  2. Sadly, it's a regular school day over here. I could definitely used a long weekend. & those curls are precious. Poor Boston's hair is straight as a stick.

  3. We got a 4 day weekend for us - but I've been in bed sick the entire time :(

  4. boy curls are the best! I'm intrigued by this manicure set.

  5. Nice that you got some time off and some time with your family. And yay for Boy Mom! I was shocked and was so scared to have a girl, haha!