WIWW: Chris's Narration of The Bachelor + Link Up

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Between being sick and my brother's wedding, I've worn one fancy dress and a whole bunch of leggings in the last week! But, even better than an outfit is Chris's commentary on The Bachelor! You're in for a treat today!

When Chris Harrison asks the girls how they're doing, my Chris says, "Goood, great, good," with an eye roll.

As they're driving away in the convertibles - "You know I'd be the pace car."

Dude, I would soooo push one of those girls in the pool. (editor's note: I promise I married a gentleman)

If I was the bachelor, babe, you know none of those girls would be gettin' shugs. You know that I don't like the lipstick. I'd be like, "nahhh girl."

Look, her eyes are bloodshot. She hammered.

I don't like drunk girls, boo bear. 

(Face-palms when the girl talks about how how it is cute when Nick thinks about something.)

These are such brutal conversations. It is tough to listen to.

Mmmm, mm, mmm, mmmm. (When Corinne gets the rose.) The producers had to be like, "If you don't hate Corinne, let's just throw a rose at her because it is good for ratings."

It's not a boat, it's a yacht. 

Nick mentions that he is so relaxed on the yacht - You're so much more relaxed because you're away from CORINNE!

Happy Wednesday!

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