I'm Back!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Oh, hi! Remember me? I'm the girl who used to blog regularly before she had a baby, full time job,  and Etsy shop.

I feel like if you've been following along on instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) then you know what has been happening in my little life. If you haven't been following along, here is a quick rundown of life in the Tucker House.

- My little brother graduated summa cum laude from Texas State, and he gets married this weekend!

- My soon to be sister-in-law had her bachelorette party and we lived it up in Austin. It was so nice having a girl's weekend!

- My dad's horrific attack was featured at the headline story in Memphis.

- Graham happily celebrated his first Christmas.

- Graham also happily decided to start crawling, start walking everywhere in his walker, cut his first tooth, take his first big tumble, puke four times in two days, get RSV and have to have breathing treatments every four hours, bite his tongue with his new tooth (it started bleeding...so sad!), and start pulling up in his crib.

Our first week of Christmas break was relaxing and carefree. Graham and I played and I worked on signs. The second week was something just shy of a nightmare.

I had noticed Graham had a cough starting Christmas evening, but didn't think much of it. Throughout Monday and Tuesday he would start to breathe heavy, but I just chalked it up to him crawling everywhere! Wednesday we woke up and he was really struggling to catch his breath and he hadn't been moving around at all. I immediately made an appointment and took him in. He was diagnosed with RSV and started his first breathing treatment at the doctor.

What I thought would be a productive second week of break quickly took a turn in a different direction. Taking care of my sick G baby was priority and, although messy, I was so thankful I had the time off to take care of him.

Wednesday when we got home from the doctor he started throwing up and couldn't hold any of his food down. At one point I literally was almost in laughing tears when I had puke ALL over me and I kept thinking, is this real life? How did one baby have so much to throw up?

Thankfully by Thursday afternoon he was keeping his bottles down. He still hasn't been interested in his baby food, which is really unlike him, but he is teething and sick, so I'm not worried about it.

We go on Wednesday for his 9 month check up and I can't believe it. I just had him yesterday, right?!

I'm looking forward to carving out time to keep up with this little blog of mine! Life is busy, but this is my therapy, so I'm hoping to not pass out on the couch at 8pm anymore :)

Happy Monday!


  1. I swear it's like the weeks at school drag on and on and then the weeks at home fly by. It blows my mind that it's already time for us to head back to school. I'm glad sweet G is feeling better. I have no doubt that your awesome sign company kept your extra busy leading up to Christmas so hopefully you'll find some time to spend time on you. Happy 2017 friend.

  2. Oh wow about your dad! I'm also glad little man is feeling better!

  3. I CANNOT with his cute little faces!! That is horrific about your dad...I'm so sorry he hasn't seen any justice. I lived in Memphis for years and unfortunately I'm not surprised to hear that. Ugh.

  4. Happy New Year! That is awful what happened to your dad! I hope he gets some sort of justice. Glad that little G man is feeling slightly better, breathing treatments on a baby just suck! We had to do them for 3 months, it sucked.