Napa Valley Wardrobe Planning

Saturday, July 16, 2016

dress // earrings // watch // purse // sunglasses // wedges
Once of my favorite things to do before a trip is to plan out my outfits. I don't dress up much here at home because I always opt for my comfy clothes, but if I only pack cute outfits for a trip, I'm forced to look cute wherever we go!

When Chris and I went to Napa a few years ago (here, here), I was in love with the weather. Here in Texas it is hot and humid, which makes you miserable. Napa was warm, but much less humid making it so easy to dress nice without worrying about looking like a sweaty mess.

There are six of us girls going to Napa in a couple weeks and I'm already starting to plan out what I'll wear for our four day trip. I am thinking lots of dresses that can go from day to night, a cross-body to ensure I have both hands free to drink wine, and some comfy. but cute, shoes!

Have you been to Napa? What are your outfit picks?

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