Life Lately|| Tasty Meals, Working Out, and Baby Talk

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hey, y'all! I'd really love to say I'm trying to be more consistent with this blogging thing, but, honestly, I'm not. I tried to post yesterday for my normal WIWW post, but our computer is terrible and wouldn't turn on, so I just gave up. There are other things I needed to be doing during nap time! I'm hoping to convince Chris to buy me a new computer this weekend, so you can follow me on snapchat (the.tuckers21) to see if that happens!

Since deciding that I am going back to teach for one more year, I've really been diligent about soaking in this last month with my G man. Life is so great lately and I don't want to even stop for a second to blog about it (monkey covering eyes emoji!).

Here is what has been going on lately!

- We are finally back on track with baby boy's sleep and it is proving to be such a happy thing for everyone! He slept for 11 hours the other night(!!!), but is more consistent with going down around 8:00pm and waking once between 2-4am. After that feeding, he is out until 7-7:30am.

- Graham finally rolled from tummy to back for the first time yesterday! His large head and gut have really been a barrier to his rolling ability, but he was finally able to overcome that obstacle and make the roll. He did it four times in a row, but hasn't done it since.

- Chris and I started Cross Fit on Monday and we are so sore, but loving it. Our neighbors have a whole Cross Fit setup in their garage and have been asking us to come workout with them and we finally made the plunge. Both being former college athletes, we thrive off competition and that is all Cross Fit is. I would never pay to go to an actual CF gym because it is SO expensive, so we are thankful our neighbors let us workout with them...and they even watch G while Chris and I do the workout! I'm hoping to tone up before I go to Napa with my girls! I also need to shed a couple extra pounds to fit back into my jeans and pants for school. I really don't want to buy all new pants!

- Our living room is featured here on Shutterfly. Pretty cool!

- I finally bought these sandals and can't wait to wear them. They are so comfy and something a little out of the box for me, with the ankle tie, but I am trying to be more daring :) #livingontheedge

- Meal prep has never been my strong area. We are guilty of eating out a lot. Food is our love language and we love just getting out of the house and having someone else do all the work for us. But, as a sort of stay at home mom/wife (at the moment) I feel like we should be eating at home most nights during the week. So, I've been making meals from those Tasty videos that are all over Facebook...have y'all seen them? We have made this Alfredo Chicken Bake, Stuffed Steak Rolls, Chicken Parmesan Casserole, and a few others and they've all been so good! I love it because I can pull up the video for Chris and he can do it, instead of me having to always cook.


  1. I love that your neighbors have a Cross Fit setup! That is so cool. Your little guy is so sweet! Glad he's back on a better sleeping schedule.

  2. He is so cute. I'm happy for y'all that he's sleeping better! You are not kidding about other things to do during nap! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. Soaking up these last few weeks of summer too!! I want to start blogging again just so I can post my meal plan. For some reason it always keeps me more accountable!

  4. I'm so glad his sleeping schedule is back on track. I don't blame you for wanting to soak in as much time with him as possible before school starts back. I'll say some extra prayers of comfort those first few weeks.

  5. YAY for him sleeping better! So happy for you!