Graham || 3 Months

Monday, July 11, 2016

I'm only 11 days late posting this, so that's considered a win in my book. Graham has really changed a lot this month and as sad as it is to see him grow, it is so fun at the same time! 

Nicknames: G, G-unit, G-baby, G-man, Buddy boy, buddy, bub, bubba, bubs, Spam, Spammer, Grammarrrr

Weight: I got on the scale with him the other day and we are estimating he is around 18+ pounds. We've got a big boy on our hands!

Clothes Size: 3-6 months. Most of his 0-3 month and 3 month clothes do not fit.

Diaper Size: still in 2's, but any day now we will be transitioning to 3's.

Likes: He loves his swing and his car seat. He seriously is a giant cheese-ball when we load him up to go somewhere. He loves being in the stroller, but it has been SO hot here lately, that we've been having to stay inside. He loves watching tv (parents of the year), blowing spit bubbles, standing up with a little assistance from mom and dad, getting his diaper changed, and baths. He loves doing patty cake and playing airplane with daddy. 

Dislikes: He still doesn't like being held in a horizontal position unless he is really tired. He likes to be up and in the middle of whatever is going on! 

New stuff: He finally sleeps unswaddled! Once I decided that I would go back to school in August I started to worry about G having to sleep being swaddled. By law, day cares cannot swaddle babies (in Texas at least), so I've been working on transitioning him out. His Moro reflex was still very predominant up until last week or so. About three weeks ago he kept busting out of his Miracle Blanket, so I went and got a couple Woombies. Those held us over until he kept sleeping with them over his face! My momma anxiety was on high alert every time I'd wake up to his face being covered, so I knew we had to do something. Saturday he fell asleep while I was holding him and I laid him on the couch so I could get up and I noticed that he didn't even flinch, so I left him there. He ended up napping for an hour on the couch, unswaddled. So, Saturday night we tried putting him in his Zipadee Zip and he slept from 8:15pm to 4:30am!!!! We are able to put him down wide awake and he squirms for about five minutes and then settles down. He woke up a couple times Saturday night, but was able to suck on his hands and fall back asleep. 

Schedule: We are always up between 7-7:30am. I feed G and then we play and he naps around 9:00am. Once he is up he eats, we play, and he is usually down again around noon. We follow that pattern all day. He usually can't stay awake for more than 1.5-2 hours without needing some sort of nap. Around 7:15pm we give him a big (6-8oz) bottle and then he either gets a bath, or we play with him. At 8:30pm he either nurses or gets a small bottle (2oz) to top him off before bed. We did a dream feed for a couple nights, but we aren't consistent with it. I think (I'm definitely jinxing us!) we are back on track with the least for now, haha. Thank God! 

Milestones: Everything on the Wonder Weeks app hit him at once, except rolling over. Homeboy just loves being on his belly and sucking on his hands, so he doesn't have much interest in rolling over. He moves his legs almost like he is ready to crawl. There have been times when he was swaddled that I was sure he was going to flip from back to belly, but no rolling in either direction has happened yet. I mean, if I had a cute belly that big I don't think I'd be rolling either!

Other milestones: Lots of smiling and talking. Lots of tongue sticking out and spit bubbles. He loves standing up and can whip his head around like he is on high alert!

Looking forward to: Dressing him for the winter! In the wee hours of the mornings I've made some instagram purchases that I don't remember until they send me the invoice the next day (oops!), so I'm excited to dress him in something other than a diaper! It is just so darn hot that I really can't put much on him other than a onesie. 


This last month with you has proven to be the best, yet one of the most difficult. Leap 3 really did us all in, but man it is cute watching you learn new things! You swam for the first time, celebrated your first Fourth of July, went down to the Hill Country for the second time, and have just made everyone's life so much brighter.

You are starting to really get into a routine. You only fuss when you're tired and my favorite thing is to get you when you wake up. 

You are the happiest baby and we are so blessed to call you ours!

Your Momma


  1. what a sweet sweet little thing <3
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Oh my goodness, he is just the cutest...yay for more sleep! But let's not talk about it and jinx it :)

  3. This makes me smile. What a precious little muffin. I know you are loving your time with him.