Bump Pictures

Monday, December 7, 2015

We are 22 weeks into this gig and I'm finally feeling like I have a baby bump instead of a beer gut. 

Things I want to note about this pregnancy so far:

- I am starting to feel pregnant. Last week I did my first yoga class and I felt pregnant. There is not a lot of bending that is possible, so thank goodness I was only in the "beginners yoga stretch" class. #withalltheoldpeople

- Peeing every five minutes is a thing and it is so annoying. I run to the bathroom thinking I'm about to explode only to be greeted with trickle-trickle, done. 

- My upper-left-buttcheek-slash-back twinge/pain is still killing me. It started after we went on our long walk/run Thanksgiving morning and is so stinking painful. I'll be walking and then a twinge of pain hits and it takes my breath away!

- This whole pregnancy we've been debating between two names, but now we both are agreeing on a completely different one, so we are trying it out to see if we think that's what we will call our little guy. 

- Sleep has been nothing shy of amazing. I'd say five of the seven nights in the week I fall asleep within three minutes and I don't move a muscle the entire night. It is glorious!

- I still have no cravings and no longer have any aversions. Gimme all the food. Wait, I take that back. I've been craving red wine which is weird because I only started drinking red wine like a year ago.

- He is kicking like crazy and  they are definitely more than flutters. Full on kicks are going on in there and it is always a fun little reminder that I'm growing a human!

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  1. I had the same craving with red wine! I'm not a huge wine drinker, and rarely drink red, so it was an odd craving!

  2. Your pregnancy sounds so much like mine around that time! Enjoy the sleeping so good as long as you can! I had no problems until the very end, so I don't have much to complain about. Hopefully you will too! :)

  3. I craved margaritas when I was pregnant for some reason. I had that darn pain with my 3rd and it would literally stop me in my tracks. You might consider a prenatal massage.

  4. Awww, I love pregnancy updates. Yay for being 22 weeks...and no food aversions! With my first I craved a bagel and cream cheese so bad! I'm allergic to cream cheese, so it was a painful craving, haha. One that I never got satisfied...boo!

  5. Kicks are the best! I am having the same kind of preganancy as you are - no sickness, just a few food aversions, and didn't really feel pregnant until 20 weeks. But, once the kicks started, it was REAL! I am at 37 weeks today and seeing my little man move around always makes me tear up (and reminds me that everything is okay). Good luck (and, I crave champagne on a daily basis. The struggle is real).

    1. The struggle is so real...haha! I had to smell my friend's wine Friday night just to get the craving to go away!

  6. Oh goodness! The squirms already make me non-stop smile! I can't imagine the hiccups!!