Silly things I've cried about || Pregnancy Hormones

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I've always been emotional when it comes to sad movies or commercials, and anything that reallyyyy gets me thinking about how much I love Chris. Other than that, I'm the tough love, rub some dirt on it, stop whining type of person.

I didn't cry when we found out we were pregnant and haven't really cried about anything. I feel like I've been less emotional, actually.

Last week the hormones must have hit because I was a teary mess.

Situation 1: 

Fridays are my Starbucks days where I treat myself to Starbucks before school. Chris knows this is my thing, but it requires me to leave the house a little early. My job isn't like everyone else's where you can be there a little late or leave in the middle of the day to go get coffee. No, little people are waiting on me at 7:30am, so there is no being late!

I park on the left side of the garage and Chris parks on the right side of the driveway to not block me in. Occasionally I leave before him in the mornings, so I always like to make sure I can get out without him having to move his truck.

Anyways, I was up before Chris and as the time approached for me to leave, I remembered that he parked behind me and was blocking me in. I gave him the head's up that I was almost ready to go and that I wasn't going to be able to get my Starbs if I was late, but he assured me he would be ready.

Long story short, I am running waywayway late because, instead of Chris moving his truck, he decides to keep telling me he is "almost ready!" to which I start crying because I know I won't be able to get my treat because he isn't "almost ready"!!

He starts laughing in a sweet like "are you really crying about Starbucks" kind of way as we are walking to our cars. He jokingly says he will call my principal and tell him I will be late, but I didn't think it was that funny.

I end up getting my Starbucks and being five minutes late to school. Luckily there was a morning activity and I beat all my kids to class anyways, but I don't think anyone would have questioned the crying pregnant chick.

Situation 2:

I looked in my review mirror and imagined our little guy back there crying over something, and me saying, "What's wrong buddy?" andddd I started crying just thinking of that.

Situation 3: 

I finally got dressed decent enough, and it was not raining, so Chris and I headed to a park to take my WIWW pictures after church. Chris was suggesting the worst spots (see below!) and I was getting really frustrated, but he kept doing silly things that were making me tear up and laugh hysterically all at the same time. At one point he was laying in the middle of the walking path just "trying to get the best angle." It was a show, that's for sure.

Here I am probably saying, "I'm not smiling because this is the worst spot ever," and, "there is no way you're getting a full body shot without the fence in the picture." He insisted this was "The perfect spot! Because, babe, the trees and pond!! It's perfect!"

Like I said, I've never been really emotional, but theses random moments have got me all teary eyed!


  1. Pregnancy hormones are the worst!! I didn't cry much with Noah, but with this pregnancy... If I'm laughing, I'm crying, which then turns into an ugly cry over nothing... It's bad. And my moodiness is at an all time high... I often find myself saying to M that I'm not sure why I'm mad at him.... And that I just can't help it!! Haha

  2. I give him kudos for taking your pictures all the time - Keith would just laugh and tell me to set the timer or use a selfie stick!

  3. haha it must be a boy thing. When I was pregnant with Harper I wasn't emotional. But with Boston, I cried over the weekend watching Disney on Ice haha

  4. Hahaha...those dang hormones! I'm the worst, so Aaron always says he's scared to see what pregnancy brings out of me one day.

  5. OH gosh those hormones! I hear ya! I never cried ever before kids, now I'm a bloody mess. Sometimes my husband will look over at me when I'm crying about how we have no milk and he'll say you're being such a girl right now. Which would offend some, but in our relationship we both know I'm the guy when it comes to emotions.

  6. Well hopefully you and Chris will appreciate this after that last one...