Life Lately || Weekend + White Elephant

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Monday and happy week of Christmas! I feel like this is the happiest week of the year and I can't wait to be surrounded with friends and family all week!

Friday was a half day at school and ugly sweater day. I only was at school until 9:30 because we had an appointment to see our little guy!! Y'all, that heart is already mush. For some reason, this sonogram made things really real. We got a good shot of his profile and he is starting to look like a little human and less like an alien. I CANNOT wait to shoog that little face of his!

Saturday we got up early and went to my in-law's house to celebrate Christmas. My sister-in-law was down from Kansas, and isn't able to make it down for Christmas Day, so we celebrated early! We realized we had the same Christmas sweater, so a picture was necessary.

Saturday night we hosted a White Elephant party for all our friends. We played games, ate delicious food, and laughed until our bellies hurt. And I must have been in a mood to take pictures of me with everyone because those are the only pictures I have.

Our friend Kim, below, is due April 12th (four days after me!!) with a little girl! She looks zero months pregnant, but I promise there is a little bebe in there!

My brother thinks he is so funny...

Sunday we all slept in and then Chris decided to help me paint my nails. I'd give him an A-. We spent the afternoon at some family friend's house playing cards and stuffing our faces.

I still can't believe this is our last Christmas without our little man! We are soaking it all in and feeling so blessed!


  1. Love your Christmas sweater!! And I love his little profile....that cute nose! ;)

  2. What a stud for painting your it!